Let’s Talk Crypids with The Texas Cryptid Hunter

This Friday at 10PM CST, Texas Cryptid Hunter meets with Mr. Deadman and the Dynamite Marchese to talk about creatures and animals that may or may not exists.  That’s right, we’re going to go deep with a legit hunter and ask him about sasquatch, chupacabra, and other creatures that might exist in the wilderness. Find out more about Texas Cryptid Hunter by checking out his … Continue reading Let’s Talk Crypids with The Texas Cryptid Hunter

Monsters Exist #DTMonsters

  Behind a veil of secrecy, lost in a barrage of fake news, and buried deep under layers of ignorance is a simple truth that only the truly skeptical understand: monsters exist. Many refuse to accept this fact, but once woke, it is undeniable that creatures do indeed live amongst us. I could say that these cryptid creatures are kept from the populous by some … Continue reading Monsters Exist #DTMonsters