Something Bad – C.M. Saunders

Something Bad C.M. Saunders   I puzzled over the trail for weeks. Where was it coming from? What could make such a thing? I decided the only thing to do was wait in the bathroom. Wait, and watch. It starts as a single black drop of goo coming out of the C tap. Drip, drip, drip. The stuff has the consistency of puss leaking from … Continue reading Something Bad – C.M. Saunders

Monthly Horror and Important Stuff

Currently, Deadman’s Tome releases scary stories and demented horror every other day. Feeding horror fans and horror fiends alike with a daily dose of horror. While readers seem to enjoy the steady releases, perhaps it would be even more enjoyable with a bit of a tease. Instead of getting that horror fix on a daily basis, Deadman’s Tome will be that cruel mistress that makes … Continue reading Monthly Horror and Important Stuff

Appraised Risk – Jim Lee

  APPRAISED RISK Jim Lee Several impatient strides brought Julio Rodriguez into the back room where he found his assistant hunched over in a corner, staring at his tablet computers with feverish intensity. Julio frowned. If it had been any other 22-year-old, he would’ve assumed young Mr. Running Deer was enjoying some internet porn on work time. But in this case that just didn’t seem … Continue reading Appraised Risk – Jim Lee

The Way In – Gary Buller

  The Way In Gary Buller   Leroy Tyrell’s mood descended as the lift slowly carried him to the fourth floor. Something had been niggling him from the moment he exited his car that morning, the distinct feeling that something wasn’t right. His dad would have probably described it as negative mojo, but Leroy wasn’t as superstitious as the old man. Still- it persisted as … Continue reading The Way In – Gary Buller