Shocking Truth About Creativity

If you’re a creative person, then you know what I’m about to say is true. Creativity is empowering and theraputic. How do you feel when you act upon your creative impulses? Feels good, right? Get that good energy going through you, feeling like you’re accomplishing something. Even better, the good energy you feel is beneficial to your health. Do I have a study to prove … Continue reading Shocking Truth About Creativity

The Meat Grinder Writing Contest

Think you’re a good writer? Think you can tell a good story? Well, then why don’t you enter your story into The Meat Grinder and put it to the test! How does it work? You enter a story by submitting to where it will wait for contestants. Don’t worry about word count, flash fiction, short stories, and poems are welcomed and they would compete … Continue reading The Meat Grinder Writing Contest

Is Spending Money On Creative Writing Courses a Waste?

Creative writing courses are everywhere and within the midst are good ones, and then there are the con artists. regardless, my thoughts are that paying someone or an organization thousands of dollars to learn how to write and how to tell a story seems overkill. There are so many other ways to learn how to write, and a lot of them don’t cost anymore than … Continue reading Is Spending Money On Creative Writing Courses a Waste?

Language Police and Drunk Reading!

Tonight at 10PM CST, Mr. Deadman will talk about the incoming wave of language police and what it could mean for the free expression. Mr. Deadman will also partake in a drunk reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s Black Cat! Mr. Deadman will take a shot for each patron of Deadman’s Tome. Become a patron by following this link   Continue reading Language Police and Drunk Reading!