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Get Rejected! Writing Contest

Hey writers, do you think you can write? Well, if you’re willing to put your skill to the test, then you can win some cold hard cash! 

Enter Rejected! A writing contest where writers are given a theme and/or plot with the goal to produce the best story. 

The current theme is Best Shit Ever! Stories so bad, so saturated with crap, that they’re good. Not poorly written, but like quality shit.

Flash fiction only. No more than 2k words. If it’s over by one word, it’s deleted unread. 

Deadline: June 1st 2017. 

Prize: first place $50 USD (minus PayPal fees)

Every other place gets a coldhearted, mean spirited rejection right on the spot. A lot of it might be hyperbolic for show, for entertainment, but you’ll have a stronger story out of it.

Entry fee: just purchase ANY Deadman’s Tome issue, anthology, or merchandise and screen shot the purchase! Support the magazine and we can offer even MORE awesome prizes. 
Stories will be read LIVE on the Deadman’s Tome podcast and judged by Mr. Deadman, William C Marchese, and other guests if available. 

Send the stories to with Rejected in the subject. if Rejected is not in the subject, it will be deleted unread.

By submitting, you understand that your story might be read LIVE on a podcast. Don’t tell me you didn’t understand that when your story is read and you didn’t like the feedback. 

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Month of Horror Week 2 Winner Announced!

Month of Horror week 2 contestants Al Edwards, Gary Buller, and S. E. Casey compete for 1st place which consists of placement on the Tome with double earning rate! With four solid stories, this decision was not easy. Seriously, I’ve had an easier time deciding the title for my own story than coming down with a verdict.

Listen to the episode via iTunes, too

or on Spreaker

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REJECTED Writing Challenge OPEN AGAIN!

Deadman’s Tome is home to Book of Horrors, a horror anthology loaded with terrifying horror short stories that’ll chill you to the bone!

Available on Kindle

REJECTED Open To Everyone

Deadman’s Tome announced a new writing contest called REJECTED where authors will compete against each other in doing the most with limitations: random plot, 3,000 words, and a week.

At first the contest was very inclusive and followed a handful of people, but now the contest is open for all. Contestants can rise to the challenge and dare to face off against one another in this multi-round elimination game.


  • No entry fee
  • Submission approx 3000 words
  • Use the random generated plot 
  • Cut throat elimination with YOUR submission read LIVE and  JUDGED
  • No cheating
  • Last author standing receives a cash prize of $50 (PayPal)
  • Don’t expect to be coddled!

Random Plot


“One night, a girl, a college student, and a widow try to summon a monster.”

Time Limit

Due September  1st, 2016

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Erotic Horror Writing Contest

Deadman’s Tome is now accepting submissions for a horror erotica writing contest open from June 28, 2014 to September 30, 2014. All submissions must follow these guidelines to even be considered.

  • Short Stories 
  • 5,000 word limit. 
  • Spel Cehcked
  • .doc, .docx, .pdf 
  • Sent to Jessecdedman@gmail (dot) com

How it works:

  • Submissions will be screened by the editor
  • Submissions that are accepted will be hosted on the blog
  • Reader’s choice is determined by the amount of likes, shares, and comments received
  • Editor Choice is determined by me


  • Editor Top Picks will receive $50 Amazon gift card.
  • Reader’s Choice will receive $25 Amazon gift card
  • Recognition of readers world-wide.