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Why Get Political?

Some publishers say they want nothing to do with Trump supporters and republicans because they’re racist, sexists, and other labels when they don’t even know the individuals. They’re generalizing and operating on a prejudice based on stereotypes. That’s bigotry, right?  Sure, the publishers are free to discriminate on political leanings, but is that even a smart idea? Is that a good idea? Why politicize what does not need to be politicize?

I have worked with a lot of authors. I’ve also spoken with a lot of the authors I worked with through the podcast. I’ve spoken with conservative leaning guests, liberal minded guests, progressive types, and feminists. We do not agree on everything, and nor would I ever expect that. But I tell you what I’m not going to do. I’m not going to just dismiss them because of a difference in opinion. The best proof of this is the chemistry between Marchese and myself.

For those that listened to the Deadman’s Tome podcast regularly, you might have noticed episodes where Marchese and I really dig into a topic, seem almost divisive. Now, sometimes it’s played up and I think listeners can tell, but other times it’s real. For example, the Walking Dead discussion was played up, whereas the idea that traditional publishers are THE gatekeepers of quality was not. Has Marchese been to a book store lately? There’s drivel everywhere and guess who published it?

Even though Marchese and I go at it and have different opinions, I’m not going to just kick him off the show. I embrace the dynamic. I enjoy the back and forth. It builds perspective.

There have been times where political topics come up and we’ve made jokes about Trump, Hillary, and whatever, but that’s to have fun with the material. Why? Because politics without a humorous filter is way too depressing. Besides, Deadman’s Tome isn’t about politics, it’s about entertainment. That’s why Deadman’s Tome doesn’t discriminate against republicans, liberals, progressives, or whatever. We don’t care what you’re leaning is.

Is that wrong?


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Trumpocalypse Befalls on Kindle

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Deadman’s Tome Trumpocalypse befalls on Kindle and for the price of an overrated Starbucks coffee, you get entertainment that will last longer and stay with you so that you can read it where ever you go. Trumpocalypse features ten demented satirical horror stories that chronologically illustrate the Trump’s time as President of the United States of America, from his first day to his last.

Trumpocalypse explores Trumps twitter habits and actually predicted that Trump would get into an argument on Twitter with Kim Jong-un. The collection of satirical horror also includes stories of genetic experiments, battle royale, Trump VS zombies, mass executions, and ends with life on American soil after a terrible virus.

While this issue includes a political theme, it really isn’t all that political. Deadman’s Tome’s official position on Trump is that every president deserves to be ridiculed. It’s a practice that shows the strength of the 1st amendment. It’s a practice that is very American.

While liberals will probably enjoy this issue more than conservatives, the stories themselves are not really that divisive at all. Conservatives, some of them anyway, seem just put off by the title and subject matter, because Trump is the target. To them I say stop being a special snowflake and develop a sense of humor. The most offensive story is Fired Works, which is about the forefathers coming in to send a message… But, even conservatives would enjoy it, if they took the time to read it.

Conservatives ask me why isn’t Hillary in this, or where is the Hillary issue? My response is that Hillary Clinton is a loser. Why beat on a candidate that lost? That’s kicking while they’re down, which is spineless. Yes, Trump is the focus, and it would be unAmerican for me not to target him. He’s the president.