Deadman’s Tome LIVE Show 10PM (CST)

  Technical Issues Hell: The show was pushed back due to technical issues. Ironic that when contacting with the authors they all seemed amazed that someone even uses Google Hangouts. Ironic that I was toying around with the idea of using OBS to live stream while screen  grabbing different Skype calls, but I didn’t. Good news is I know why it got fucked up and … Continue reading Deadman’s Tome LIVE Show 10PM (CST)

Blithe Town by Cain Miller

  The dim shine from the headlights poured onto the pavement as James and Ian hastily drove down the road. “Do you even know where the Hell we are anymore?” Ian asked in his typically cynical tone. “I’ve honestly lost track,” James responded in a fairly hushed, tired voice. “Well that’s perfect,” Ian said as he began to to pull up the GPS on his … Continue reading Blithe Town by Cain Miller