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The Medium Hour

Deadman’s Tome is excited to announce a brand new podcast that dives deep into the paranormal by meeting with interesting and brilliant minds in hopes to discover the truth. We present The Medium Hour. A bi-weekly show where your host, Wolf Boy, will explore whether or not certain things are a thing.  

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Join The Cult

  Join the greatest cult for the greatest horror online magazine of all time! Become a patron today and support the online magazine! Deadman’s Tome is a growing horror zine that publishes short stories and flash fiction whether it’s ghost stories, zombie invasions, bigfoot sightings, slasher sprees, bizarre fiction, classic horror literature, lovecraftian literature, or erotica. The darker the […]

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Rock-a-Bye Bigfoot by Shawn M. Riddle

  North Carolina-September 1889 Ken ladled his dogs’ dinner into three dirty old bowls. Banging the ladle on the bottom of the empty pan he called, “Paunchoe, Sadie, Max, c’mon now! Dinner time!” The dogs ran out from the woods behind the cabin, ears pricked and tails wagging. He rolled a cigarette and poured three fingers of whiskey into his […]