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Chasing Stats

Do you find yourself getting obsessed with rankings?

Do you use programs like KDSpy to compare yourself with others?

Maybe even take it further and really compare release by release, book by book, falling into a rabbit hole for what is essentially just a dick measuring contest?

While I enjoy competition and checking stats, I realize checking can become an unhealthy obsession of chasing. Comparing, analyzing, and even plotting. Why does this book do better than that one? Why is this book with this author doing poorly? What’s going one with this one release, why is it struggling despite great reviews?

As someone who grew up playing very competitive video games like Halo and Quake, I often find myself exploring these questions to then become obsessed. When I catch the obsession, I have to pull away and remind myself why I even do what is I do.

What about for you? Do you become obsessed with stats and Amazon rankings, chasing the stats in research for the perfect book to land that best-selling title?

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[Review] Mister White by John C. Foster


If your novel can’t captivate a reader with in the first three chapters, then the wonderful idea you spent months on will sure as Hell never sell to any respectful publisher. John C. Foster’s Mister White, published by Grey Matter Press, not only knows of this golden rule of publishing, it proudly passes the test.

Mister Whiter delivers a compelling story that will grip readers from the first chapter. John C. Foster does not waste time with clutter and sluggish prose. No. Mr. Foster presents engaging adrenaline pumping scenes after the other, while fully aware of how to manipulate the tension and suspense.

Who is Mister White?  An entity that lurks behind the scenes in the gritty profession of international espionage where only the ruthless and cutthroat survive. An manevolent entity inadvertnaely released by a group of rogue black operatives. Readers will learn to fear Mister White right from the very first chapter when a gruesome crucifixion is discovered. Readers will learn to abhor him when Mister White inflicts terrifying physical and psychological torture on its victims. And, if for some reason readers doubt Mister White’s efficacy, chapter three will seal the deal for sure.

John C. Foster’s Mister White combines the suspense of mystery and bizarre of the supernatural to create a inricate plot that delivers an unrelenting thriller.

Not just recommended. Highly recommended.