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Roughly around October 2016, I ran a promotion for Deadman’s Tome HORRGASM and for the site in general and came back weeks later to this message:


That’s right, my account has been flagged because apparently promoting unadulterated gruesome horror fiction violates precious guidelines. I never really thought Mark Zuckerberg was a pussy, but now I know. But I shouldn’t be surprised. Not about the Mark Zuckerberg being a cuck for family values, but for the flag on my account.

You see, when I ran the promo for HORRGASM and for the site, Facebook tried to stop it with a warning that Facebook does not promote pornographic material. I was taken aback, because while HORRGASM contained strong sexual vulgarity, it was all text. If I had known HORRGASM was going to earn me a flag I would’ve gone even more brazen with it and loaded it with images that would haunt one’s psyche for months.


Because of this flag, I cannot even promote the Facebook page or any of the posts. Deadman’s Tome is considered adult material and locks it away in basement like some perverted fiend. How do I feel about this? It sucks that I wouldn’t be able to purchase ads on the social media giant, but at the same time, it means that Deadman’s Tome might actually be the dark and brutal horror mag I intended. For that, I must thank all of the authors that made the Tome possible. It wasn’t me. The only thing I did was create a beacon of sorts, a lightning rod for some of the most depraved minds out there.

While the political correctness craze could be worrisome for a dark and brutal horror magazine, human nature suggests that content that is suppressed, banned, blocked or by some other means restricted from the population becomes more desirable. People want to read what other people say they shouldn’t. Readers will look at the facts and ask what is in the magazine that is that bad?

And the answer is waiting for them.




Read and find out why Facebook flagged me.


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Facebook Doesn’t Want You to Read This!

Not making this up, folks. Deadman’s Tome HORRGASM, a horror anthology with six titillating tales of provocative horror, cannot be promoted on Facebook. Not only that, but because I somehow circumvented their promotion system, I am banned from using Facebook ads!

Why? Because apparently Facebook deems HORRGASM pornographic, which is odd, because it’s just text. There aren’t any graphic images in the ebook. It’s literally a collection of short stories and nothing more. I will admit that the original cover was graphic, but I even went against my own principles and censored it. But it did not make a difference. I tried talking with a Facebook representative and he told me that Facebook is not a platform for porn and smut. I tried to convince him to read the material, but he never got back with me.

It get’s worse. Apparently, if you try to search for Deadman’s Tome HORRGASM on Amazon it will not show up. It is not even listed, but the book is active on my side. Just what is Facebook and Amazon trying to keep from you? Read it for yourself using this link.




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Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors Pre-order Bonus!

Deadman’s Tome newest anthology is less than a month a away from release, but you don’t have to wait until July to get a copy. Pre-order a copy of Deadman’s Tome – Book of Horrors V1 and know that on July 1st you’ll have a collection of demented, twisted, thought provoking, and psyche damaging horror delivered right to your tablet, smart phone, or computer! Featuring the following authors: Seán Glasheen (Author), S.J. Budd (Author), Florence Marlowe (Author), S. Alessandro Martinez (Author), Matthew Johnson (Author), Mark Armstrong (Author), Jacob Lambert (Author), & 3 more

Pre-Order your copy today


Wouldn’t it be nice if those that pre-ordered Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors received some sort of recognition, some love, perhaps even a moment to hangout with the authors involved? One trait that most authors share is that we like to talk about our work, and then about ourselves. I imagine it would be quite easy to arrange a private meet up between the authors and pre-order peeps.

Logistically, it would impossible to meet in person. Though, no one would doubt how cool it would be to have drink with the authors involved in the horror anthology. But, we can easily meet up for a private online hangout and have drinks. After all, while it might be depressing to drink alone, you wouldn’t be alone! Now, this private hangout could possibly be banned from YouTube material. Combine a handful of horror authors with dark twisted minds, booze, drugs(?) and a huge ego circle-jerk, and you’ve got yourself a show. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss this.

There is one problem. Amazon doesn’t even give me a name or even an email with the preorder. So, we’ll have to got with the honor system. I know the number of pre-orders but you’ll have to tell me if you pre-ordered.

All you have to do is let me know in the comments section or send me a tweet with #DTpreorder at @MrDeadmanDT And you’ll receive the golden ticket!