Freak Out! 5 Horror Films to Watch Under the Influence

    Howdy, dope fiends! It’s no secret there’s plenty of entertainment that can be improved with certain substances–ask anyone who has ever gone to a Phish show or sat through an entire infomercial. Horror movies are no exception. There’s no shortage of bizarre and freaky splatter flicks that get even weirder under the influence. If you’re looking for a trip, I’ve picked out 5 … Continue reading Freak Out! 5 Horror Films to Watch Under the Influence

Horror Movie Horrors – Demon Seed

Hold on here? Is this Demon Seed or Demon Rage, and why is there another poster titled Dark Eyes? Why does IMDB refer to this movie as Satan’s Mistress? WTF is going on here? This horrible hour and a half is sloppy, poorly edited, haphazardly cropped together mess about a MILF that desperately yearns for some dick. No, I’m not talking about the latest video … Continue reading Horror Movie Horrors – Demon Seed

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Review

A video review would really do this justice. I mean, why take the time to write out with words my thoughts and feelings towards an exploitative B-film? Because this exploitative B-film is self-aware and thrives on the fact that the story is not just thin, but bat shit-insane.   The opening scene consists of a blonde woman being interviewed. She goes through the steps of … Continue reading Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Review