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Top Post of 2017

October Blitz was an insane idea and planned last minute without any input from the Dynamite Marchese, but it turned out to be the most viewed page on the site.

What is October Blitz? Well, Marchese and I host a podcast called the Deadman’s Tome podcast. The show is essentially the fun extra content in old horror magazines like Creep Show, or in magazine in general. While the meat of the show consists of the interviews with various authors, filmmakers, and other creative minds and the discussion on writing, current events, and pop culture, the show is complimented with fan mail and personality.

The podcast would normally broadcast once a week on Friday, with the occasional side episode here and there, but for October I wanted to do an episode every single day. I shot Marchese a message, I declared that we were doing this, and we did it. Now, Marchese has a real job and would need sleep once and a while, so we had guest come in to fill his spot.

You know, I could ramble about what October Blitz was or you could see for yourself. Use this link to check out October Blitz.

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Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors
Lost but not forgotten, the ancient tome that madmen rambled about has finally been unearthed!

Behold the Book of Horrors: Pages of flesh, bound by bone, contains passages inked in blood of murderous desires, demonic cultic practices, nagging old hags, and long forgotten ancient cities. And while the original document had a nasty habit of crippling and maiming the reader, you get the benefit of a safe electronic copy.

Get a copy of Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors today! Don’t have the money for it, but want to support horror and give recognition to the authors? Send me a tweet at @MrDeadmanDT for your chance to receive a free or discounted copy.

Follow this link to go to the Amazon page. Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors

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Deadman’s Tome LIVE @ 10PM CST

Mr. Deadman interviews David Wright, author of Babel Frequency – a short, dark and horrific depiction of a society robbed of all memory, and talks about his upcoming work, inspiration, and other projects.

Stick around for the post show at 11PM as Mr. Deadman interviews LK Scott, author of Snoflower – a horrific short about an infidelity of a different, colder sort.
Access the podcast by clicking the link below.

Deadman’s Tome Podcast

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Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors Pre-order Bonus!

Deadman’s Tome newest anthology is less than a month a away from release, but you don’t have to wait until July to get a copy. Pre-order a copy of Deadman’s Tome – Book of Horrors V1 and know that on July 1st you’ll have a collection of demented, twisted, thought provoking, and psyche damaging horror delivered right to your tablet, smart phone, or computer! Featuring the following authors: Seán Glasheen (Author), S.J. Budd (Author), Florence Marlowe (Author), S. Alessandro Martinez (Author), Matthew Johnson (Author), Mark Armstrong (Author), Jacob Lambert (Author), & 3 more

Pre-Order your copy today


Wouldn’t it be nice if those that pre-ordered Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors received some sort of recognition, some love, perhaps even a moment to hangout with the authors involved? One trait that most authors share is that we like to talk about our work, and then about ourselves. I imagine it would be quite easy to arrange a private meet up between the authors and pre-order peeps.

Logistically, it would impossible to meet in person. Though, no one would doubt how cool it would be to have drink with the authors involved in the horror anthology. But, we can easily meet up for a private online hangout and have drinks. After all, while it might be depressing to drink alone, you wouldn’t be alone! Now, this private hangout could possibly be banned from YouTube material. Combine a handful of horror authors with dark twisted minds, booze, drugs(?) and a huge ego circle-jerk, and you’ve got yourself a show. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss this.

There is one problem. Amazon doesn’t even give me a name or even an email with the preorder. So, we’ll have to got with the honor system. I know the number of pre-orders but you’ll have to tell me if you pre-ordered.

All you have to do is let me know in the comments section or send me a tweet with #DTpreorder at @MrDeadmanDT And you’ll receive the golden ticket!

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Do You Read more Men or Women Authors?

Though not interested in bashing one specific gender as solely responsible for the disproportionate number of men to women authors. Different times, different mind sets, and different values.

However, I am open for discussion on the subject and how it has shaped your view in literature and writing.

With that said, please enjoy Do You Read more Men or Women #Authors ? #amreading #books –

Feel free to join the conversation over there, but I would like to know who you grew up reading.