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Dark Horrible Art Pays – Art Submissions

Deadman’s Tome only asks for the right to publish your submitted art work on the site. Artwork featured on the site will generate revenue based on the number of views, likes, and comments received for a year’s time x .05 cents (USD). Payments would be handled via PayPal.

I want to offer more, but I’m limited. However, if Deadman’s Tome receives 20 patrons on then I’ll double the rate.


Artwork may be selected for an anthology, and if that happens the artist would be entitled to 10% off of net revenue generated from the anthology it is featured in.

Submit artwork to

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Artists Wanted!

Deadman’s Tome is requesting artwork, a lot of artwork, to go along with the stories.

If you are an artist that creates dark and horrific worlds and creatures, then consider working with Deadman’s Tome. 

You’ll receive credit, and a link to your work. At this moment, Deadman’s Tome does not offer payment.

If you’re interested let me know by contact me using