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Alinity, a popular Twitch streamer (which isn’t saying much), made an oopsie when she live streamed her dog doing something too inappropriate to describe here.

But, did Twitch ban her?


The family friendly, Jeff Bezos owned streaming platform just ignored the gross depiction of girl on dog love. If you thought things couldn’t get worse, they did. Alinity apparently has a habit, a pattern of some very gross interactions with her dog.

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Monsters Do Exist Here’s the Proof!

This is such a great anthology about monsters of all shapes and sizes. This book holds monsters that we all have feared since our childhood. It is the things that go bump in the night. It is the stories we tell around campfires. They are the urban legends and the tall tales.

Read Today


Let me be straight forward with you now. I have never read any of these authors before. Now that I have, I will definitely be reading their other work. Each author brought something to the table. I thought the editors did a great job of ordering the stories as well. There was not a bad story in this anthology! With that being said, let’s get to the stories.

The anthology gets off to a strong start with Master Vermin by Wallace Boothill. This story is about rats taking over Baltimore. Think the bubonic plague with a twist! It is a great story!
5/5 rabid vermin!

Legend Trippers by Theresa Braun is amazing! Ever wonder why there is never any proof of urban legends? Read this story and you will know why! The story is about a Goatman. Great story!
5/5 horns!

The Murder of Crows by S.J. Budd is crazy cool! A mysterious lady gets into a serial killers cab. He tries to kill her, but he can’t. Turns out he owes her a debt! I will never look at crows the same way again!
5/5 crows!

Wicked Congregation by Gary Buller is terrifying! This is about sacrifice and fairies. This story is told as a confession or a recounting of events. I have wanted to visit England for a while now, but I might hold off due to the fairies that reside there. Great story!
5/5 wicked fairies!

Playing Dead by S.E. Casey is amazing! Who doesn’t like a circus that pops up overnight in your town? I don’t know what it is about them, but you just have to check them out. Am I right? The story is set in New Hampshire at a circus. This story deals with loss, nightmares, and depression. Great story! Didn’t see that ending coming!
5/5 devil monkeys!

Lake Monster by Mr. Deadman is crazy! Two friends go on a fishing trip, but things go terribly wrong! Great story!
5/5 bloated carcasses!

Never Sleep Again by Calvin Demmer is creepy! There is a serial killer on the loose. The serial killer has killed 4 people. The only thing left behind is dirt under the victims’ beds. This story will make you want to leap from your bed. You never know what might be under your bed! Great story!
5/5 sleepless nights!

The Voice from the Bottom of the Well by Philip W. Kleaver is mind blowing! Johanna hears a voice at the bottom of an old well near her house in Massachusetts. The thing at the bottom of the well is hungry. Johanna must feed it, and boy did she! Awesome story!
5/5 creepy wells!

Eclipse of Wolfcreek by Sylvia Mann is eerie! I have heard of the Mothman, but this story takes the legend to the next level. Great story!
5/5 red eyes!

No. 7 by William Marchese is crazy! This story has zombies and soldiers. Great story!
5/5 zombies!

Criatura by John Palisano is great! He breaks down in the desert. He runs into La Criatura, a desert creature with white fur. He finally makes it to his destination the next day, but he is different. He has transformed. Great story! I honestly have never heard of a Criatura until I read this story.
5/5 Criaturas!

Bitten by Christopher Powers will make your skin crawl! Charles goes to the Congo Basin on a trip and gets far more than what he was looking for. He finds a new species of spider in the sausage tree. The spiders are great hunters. One spider has hunted Charles down. Great story!
5/5 creepy-crawlies!

Kelpies by Leo X. Robertson is wicked! This is the first time that I have ever heard the term Kelpie before. A Kelpie lures a man into the water. Turns out he can go home anytime he likes, but he doesn’t. Years later he meets his son. Crazy story!
5/5 wicked Kelpie!

Bloodstream Revolution by M.R. Tapir was a good read! This story is about Chupacabras during the Mexican Revolution. I enjoyed this story!
4/5 Chupacabras!

This is a great anthology that everyone should read! This book doesn’t have any low points because the stories are balanced out so well. I highly recommend this book to fans of horror, tall tales, and legends!

5/5 bumps in the night!

Review by Curtis at Cedar Hollow Horror

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Deadman’s Tome – Amazon Publishing Scams and Employees Calling In

Mr. Deadman and Dynamite Marchese talk about bullshit that is employees calling in, and eventually get to Amazon publishing scams. Be careful out there.

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Secret to Advertising

You found this because you’re looking for a secret. Not just any secret, but that one particular secret that will launch your blog, vlog, book, or what have you into the stratosphere of popularity. I understand. Who wouldn’t want their creation to be the next fidget spinner, the next must have item. Maybe you’ve already tried advise from pay-to-play blogs, sought help from Fiverr gigs, followed the tips of costly strategists, or maybe you haven’t tried anything at all. No matter. Those that have experience in marketing and advertising will attest to what I’m about to reveal.

One of the best pieces of advertising advice I can give you is don’t pay for banner ads. Just do not do it. They’re an absolute waste. Anyone that tells you different is telling you what you want to hear so that they will make a dine. Ask yourself this, have you EVER, EVER in your life clicked on a banner ad? Seriously? Maybe you fell for it a nifty ad once of twice, but internet savvy people aren’t duped by banner ads, and that’s assuming they don’t have ad-blocker.

Why do I say this? First off, from experience. I have made the mistake of forking over a lot, and I mean a lot of money to banner ads on various popular websites and it did not result in even a little blip. On Monsters Exist, I got cocky and ignored my better instincts and went full throttle on stupid and bought ad spaces on big name websites. You know what that got me in return? A hole that I’m digging my way out of! Other projects have done just fine without that expensive ad tab, and to market them I use social media and word of mouth. Monsters Exist might’ve earned more than He’s Risen, but at least He’s Risen actually returned a profit. Hell, even Horrgams returned a profit and that anthology was shadow banned on Amazon for the longest.

Secondly, sit and really think about this for a minute. Who is actively searching for a banner ad? Who is actually looking at banner ads? Most people that see a banner ad avoid it like sloppy second on a five dollar hooker. No one is clicking, and those that do bounce faster than Mexcans at a Home Depot when police show up.  Even worse, most people are using their phones to do most, if not all of their browsing. iPhones, Androids, whatever you have are like mini-computers in your hand. The only time someone gets on a computer is for actual work, serious writing, applying for college, or gaming, though even that is changing.

Third, some places require that you buy a banner ad so that you’ll get other “things”. Some sites, some big name horror sites, require you to purchase a month of ad space before they’ll even consider reviewing your work or offering an interview. Why? to show that you’re serious or to so that you’ll help them stay afloat on a system that doesn’t work? If banner ads were effective, there would be a natural incentive to buy ads, especially repeat customers, but they do not work. Instead, they have to require that you give them some money so they can keep their shit afloat. That screams scam city to me.

In summation, banner ads are just a huge waste of money. Avoid them. Just plain out avoid them. I don’t care the name of the site or if you know the people. Avoid paying for them because they’re most likely not going to work, not at all. This has been my TuesdayThought.

Take it easy.




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Back Off Haters!

that’s right, back off haters! There’s no time for those haters. You know who I’m talking about and don’t worry, you don’t need to throw out any names. Haters, trolls, butt hurt backseat writers, whatever you want to call them, they come in to your life in different ways. Some try to be your friend, some try to work with you, while others come at you from the start. And just about everyone that has ever lived has dealt with them. All professions have haters. Hell, even Jesus Christ had haters and he was supposed to be such a kind and gentle soul. So, don’t cry or get upset if you have that hater that follows your work and gives those nasty one-star Amazon reviews. People can see through it, trust me.

Listen to what Mr. Deadman and the Dynamite Marchese have to say about Haters and how to handle them and feel free to chime in. We’re not experts on taming the haters, who really is? But, we’ve definitely dealt with our fair share!

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Great Lovecraft Horror for FREE!

Deadman’s Tome The Ancient Ones is a great tribute to the dark and disturbed mind behind the Cthulhu mythos. Readers will descend deeper into madness with each and every story. Some of the stories go as far as to emulate the prose of the tormented Road Islander. And now, readers can read The Ancient Ones for FREE! That’s right, for nothing. But only for a limited time!

Read today!

Get your free copy of The Ancient Ones and see how Deadman’s Tome does Lovecraft! read for free on Amazon Kindle!

*This offer starts on 3/28/2017 central standard time.

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Get Your Hands Dirty!

Get your hands on the physical, paperback version of No Safe Word – an smooth blend of dark erotica and brutal horror that was too intense for Amazon! Seriously, Amazon had a problem with the original version of the dark and perverted filth, but this version slipped past the reviewers.

The paperback version of No Safe Word is available at Amazon for $9.99

As an added bonus, those that purchase No Safe Word will also get a free copy of the uncensored version! Just send me proof of purchase via photo on Twitter at @MrDeadmanDT or by email using



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Amazon Rant and Censorship!

Amazon tries to ban No Safe Word because the content was too much. Apparently, the cover and the images inside were pornographic. Or at least I think. I don’t know. How am I supposed to know when Amazon wants me to read their fucking mind! The cover, which is nude woman covering her breasts with her hands with NO NIP SLIP! Is this Puritan era America? Are were in Victoria era London? No. And the cover is the same cover used for the digital copy, which IS STILL AVAILABLE and seems unharmed in this situation. What the fuck AMAZON! The images were good to go in the digital version, too. But, an Amazon content guideline violation would scare just about anyone into doing what I did. I gutted the images and changed the cover for the print copy.

Want to know more? I’m sure you do. Listen to this episode of Deadman’s Tome podcast as I rant about Amazon and their bogus censorship.

No Safe Word Amazon friendly version:

No Safe Word Amazon friendly Print version:

No Safe Word uncensored

I also face the horror of reading my own older material. I read a bit of the Cradle of Ruin and The Bleeder 




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Amazon Bans No Safe Word!

According to Amazon, Deadman’s Tome No Safe Word violates community guidelines but without a specific reason as to why!

On January 26th, 2017, I received an email from Amazon KDP that No Safe Word violates guidelines and that it would not be sold on Amazon. Keep in mind that No Safe Word had been active and ready for pre-orders for over a week now, and it was only when the print version was ready for purchase that Amazon gave me this notice.

I have attempted to get clarification on the matter to see what it was specifically that violated the guidelines. No Safe Word contains hardcore BDSM erotic horror with all sorts of dark perversions, but Amazon sells content like that, but maybe we crossed the line. Maybe Deadman’s Tome just pushed the envelop too far. It seems funny to me that text on paper with suggestive images could be considered pornographic or something close to that. But Amazon is not playing around. They threaten that they could close down the account if I were to violate the guidelines again. Who’s the bully in this situation? Who’s the one trying to censor art and content because oh, it’s just too edgy.

As of right now, the digital listing on Amazon is still available, but in an effort to save my Amazon account I have thrown 90% of the images and reduced the intensity of the introduction. You can still get a copy of the uncensored version of No Safe Word easily by going here:

The uncensored version of No Safe Word is only a dollar and you get both a PDF and .mobi file. The .mobi file will work with any eReader and Kindle.