Shoutouts on the Podcast

Trying to market your book or creative project? Then perhaps a shoutout from the Deadman’s Tome podcast could help. Deadman’s Tome podcast reaches about 300 listens and 200 downloads a week, and aims at a demographic of adult men and women that like to write, read horror books, watch horror films, sometimes drink, and otherwise have a good time. Here’s the brass tax. I want … Continue reading Shoutouts on the Podcast

Secret to Advertising

You found this because you’re looking for a secret. Not just any secret, but that one particular secret that will launch your blog, vlog, book, or what have you into the stratosphere of popularity. I understand. Who wouldn’t want their creation to be the next fidget spinner, the next must have item. Maybe you’ve already tried advise from pay-to-play blogs, sought help from Fiverr gigs, … Continue reading Secret to Advertising