2016 Horror Olympic Winners!

The 2016 Rio Olympics happened and I couldn’t tell you who won or lost, but I’m sure much was celebrated. During the 2016 Olympics, Deadman’s Tome held its very own horror Olympics. The horror Olympics had stories compete against one another in various categories such as Most Read, Zombie, Best Sex, and Straight-Up Murder. While I made an announcement of the winners via Deadman’s Tome … Continue reading 2016 Horror Olympic Winners!

FOX Will GLEE Out Rocky Horror Picture Show and It Will Suck

Deadman’s Tome is home to Book of Horrors, a horror anthology loaded with terrifying horror short stories that’ll chill you to the bone! FOX, the same network behind GLEE, is remaking Rocky Horror Picture Show for TV. That’s all I have to say, right? The proof is clear as a day that FOX intends for this series into BE their GLEE replacement. Tim Curry gave FOX … Continue reading FOX Will GLEE Out Rocky Horror Picture Show and It Will Suck

Horror Olympics 2016

Turbo Slut 5K is an ultra-violent, hyper-sexualized, and brutally offensive tale of sizzling lust, savage revenge, and the triumph over some ruthless misogynistic scum f**ks told in six exciting chapters! With the Rio Olympics underway, and the various sports dominating the trends, it seems fitting for Deadman’s Tome to showcase its own Olympics. Horror Olympics 2016 The Deadman’s Tome Horror Olympics will feature various stories … Continue reading Horror Olympics 2016