Submission policy

Real American Goth

Let’s set aside the silly and tabloid-esque submission calls for something much more serious and grounded. Let’s delve deep into the dark and macabre that Gothic Horror has to offer. Deadman’s Tome is looking for pieces that pay homage to greats such as Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, and Shirley Jackson.

Submission guidelines:



  1. I have a number of short stories that could possibly be considered horror.. I could send you one to look at if you’d like?

    1. Hi, Mr. Deadman. Just wondering if you received my submission back in December? Never got confirmation. Cheers,

      1. Take that as a no then? Noticing replies to everyone but mine. All good. Cheers for the opportunity to sub.

  2. Hi,

    You mention flash fiction but list 4000 word approximate word count.

    Are you accepting shorter stories than this? That is, flash fiction?


  3. Seeing one of my alumni on here; I think he brought what he learned from being in The Ethereal Gazette with him. Mr. Deadman have you looked into Zahid Zaman or Alex Rivera? They would compliment your mag too — check David Wright from 2007 in this publication as you get to see him hold his own with Matthew S. Carroll and introduced Steven Morgan into the publication. You should try to tap this one for a submission. I will say this much of David, he’s the author who’s going to piss this bastard off. You should really had tapped Tom Kelly to do the artwork for this because he did my work justice.

  4. Pick up a copy of TRESPASS by Chris Miller, published with DEADMAN’S TOME. TRESPASS is an absolutely gripping read from the first chapter. It’s perfectly paced to keep the reader engaged. You won’t want to put the book down once you start reading it. Take a bow Mr. Chris Miller; I absolutely loved this book you wrote and DEADMAN’S TOME published. Good work by all parties.

  5. Sell comic strips.Originmals,classicval drawings.All genres.Wants?Are ghost games strip.Its named Jim.30 $ dollars each.Call me.Jam-es.

  6. Hello.Im James.May I send. its a. Imense ghist story humor strip?Its about my life,with fiction.Ghost memories stories.Best.Jim.

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