Submission policy

Announcing call for submissions for Shit Fest!

All Submissions should meet this criteria:

Works: short stories, flash fiction, poems

Genre: Horror, Dark fiction related to shit stories 

Current Theme: Shit Fest – stories relayed to, involving, or literally about shit and other bodily fluids.

Deadline: Jan 15th – could close early if filled quickly

Format: Attach the .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX 

Word Count 2k – 5k words approx.

Payment: 60% of net earnings divided evenly among the authors.

Multiple Submissions okay.

 Submit a brief bio, we don’t care if you have no work history, give us a brief bio of yourself.

Send submission to

Deadmans Tome Meat Grinder

All year long, no matter what theme the Deadman’s Tome is working on, Mr. Deadman wants to feature stories from aspiring newcomers for the sole purpose of developing craft and earning experience. For those drawn to an incentive, there is a chance that your story could be selected for an anthology where it could earn money.

The site is open to short stories, flash fiction, and poems, of the dark fiction and creepy variety.

Mr. Deadman will post your story on the site as is without edits for the readers to consume and react. Their reaction will determine your chances of being selected for an anthology.

Stories for the Meat Grinder do NOT earn royalties, but could be selected for inclusion for later anthologies.

Send stories to with meat grinder in subject.


Owner of Dedman Productions, a small production company that focuses on bringing entertainment in both fiction and film.

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