Better You Believe


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“Tony Evans is an exciting new voice in the horror genre, one that I’m anxious to hear more of.” Danger Slater – Author of HE DIGS A HOLE, I WILL ROT WITHOUT YOU, and PUPPET SKIN
“Evans is precise in the his writing. He tucks the reader gently into a bed of nails while slowly unveiling the monster in the closet before whispering goodnight.”“Evans is an architect of horror, building the suspense from the ground up one sentence at a time, then delicately placing the final terrorizing touches in place, just when you least expect it.”M.R. Tapia – Author of SUGAR SKULLS and THE DIE-FI EXPERIMENT
“There’s no wasted time with nonsense, and the momentum just keeps going. The flow (of this collection) reminds me of Goosebumps, but bloodied and more profane. I loved those books as a kid.”Mr. Deadman – Author and Owner of Deadman’s Tome, LLC

Urban legends – every town has them. Local variations of widely known stories passed down from one generation to the next. They range from tales of haunted houses and monsters in the closet, to witches and dark curses telling you where not to tread. I’ve heard them all in my travels through the Appalachians and southeastern United States. The question is, do you believe, or is it all made up?
Sometimes it’s best to heed the advice given in those old familiar stories. After all, as the old Sherpa saying goes – Maybe true. Maybe not true. Better you believe.

Tony Evans is a crafter of horror and dark fiction, and a lover of all things creepy. He is the author of nearly two-dozen short stories that have appeared in various print and online horror magazines and anthologies. Better You Believe is his debut collection. He currently lives in Bardstown, Kentucky where he spends his time with his wife and two young daughters – his favorite little monsters.


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