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Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30PM (CST), Mr. Deadman SK Berit and Becky host a podcast that features interesting guests, exploration of the paranormal, and discussion of horror and writing. We laugh at horrible covers, talk about news, current events, pop culture, and of course everything horror and writing.

Thursdays at 9:30pm CST
Hosted by:
SK Berit and Wess Haubrich
..Real Monsters hide in plain sight, hidden behind the veil of normality. 
Think you can spot them, that you would somehow know?

Tune in every week to find out how wrong you are…

Deadman’s Tome is excited to announce a brand new podcast that dives deep into the paranormal by meeting with interesting and brilliant minds in hopes to discover the truth. We present The Medium Hour. A bi-weekly show where your host, Wolf Boy, will explore whether or not certain things are a thing.