Patrick James Ryan

Patrick James Ryan is a native of Columbus, Ohio and the popular author of the diverse short story collection, “Blood Verse,” the best selling novels at Black Bed Sheet Books ~ “The Night It Got Out” and “The Maggots Underneath The Porch.” His most recent release is a diverse collection of narrative thriller poems titled, “Blood Prose: The Poems of Blood Verse.” Patrick has appeared in numerous radio interviews and blogs and is recognized as a popular rising voice in the horror/suspense/thriller genre. Patrick and his wife, Molly enjoy their three children ~ Colleen, Michael and Patrick, Jr. An avid sports and music fan, Patrick enjoys Football, Basketball, Baseball, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and most hard rock. In addition to writing, Patrick is a voracious reader, taking in an eclectic swath of fiction and non-fiction across many genres, with horror being a favorite. A practitioner of martial arts for over 25 years, he holds a second degree black belt and is a huge fan of Bruce Lee and is considered an expert with Nunchakus. His publisher will be releasing a second short story collection in 2019 and he is busy at work on 5 other projects for 2019-2020.