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Horror 1

The Boxes by Rick McQuiston

Lee glanced at his watch. 5:32 p.m. He took a deep breath, followed by another, and yet another. He had to relax, he thought. Must clear his mind, cleanse it of distractions and complications. Only a clear mind could cope with the delicate and vital situation he was now in. He wondered where Danny, Bruce, and Sherry were. If only […]

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Share the Love, Man.

This is an open letter to all the authors published on Deadman’s Tome: Deadman’s Tome offers a unique way for authors to earn revenue from their stories. Not that it’s solely about the money, these authors practice the craft of creating dark worlds for the love. But love does not pay the bills. Unless we’re speaking of prostitution. Prostitution pays […]

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Deadman’s Tome Podcast Tonight

This week has been packed with content too much to go over in a podcast, but I’ll try. What can you expect from a DT podcasts? Um, well, how about excerpts from the latest stories, submission info, off-topic rants, and information directly from Mr. Deadman. Listen to the podcast here

editorial 1

Question for the Readers

I am impressed with the stats for this site. Visitors are coming to the site to read the stories, share the content, and give feedback to the authors. That is awesome! Deadman’s Tome has content pouring in like mad. Some submissions are absolutely amazing, while others are just kind-of okay, but that is from my perspective. I might be a […]

Horror 12

Escape by Gary Buller

She decided that it was time to end it. Emily stood on the edge of the precipice and cast her eyes across the patchwork of coal stained stone and fields. The landscape that stretched out in front of her was as cracked and fractured as her current state of mind. Above, granite clouds rolled and boiled across the sky. They […]

Horror 13

The Way Out by Gary Buller

Dan wasn’t hungry despite the fact that he had not eaten for goodness knows how long.  His breathing was panicked and shallow, his head full of disbelief at the terrifying and claustrophobic situation that he found himself in. His nails were bitten down to the skin, and his knuckles were bloody and grazed. He surveyed the scene with searching, worried […]

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Leonard and the Carousel by Mario E. Martinez

I. The security company assigned him to the Riverside Mall. At first, the idea made Thomas a little excited. Fresh out of rehab, he hadn’t been to that mall since he was a kid, the storefronts bright and filled with delights all lighting up his memories. The entire layout nearly unfolded itself in his mind from the Gold Coin Arcade […]

Horror 4

Fisheye View by Grimm Webster

  I heard somewhere once that ghosts can’t cross water. I think the same thing goes for witches and magic but I’m not sure. The ghost thing though, that’s true. Want to know how I found out? I died. My problem isn’t crossing the water exactly. My problem is getting out of it. When you’re under it, let me tell […]

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It Bleeds But Cannot Die

Through fringe medical science, a cadaver is resurrected and tossed out into the streets. Known simply as The Bleeder, the monstrosity of rot and devious engineering lumbers in the shadows with a never-ending hunger for blood. This mechanized zombie, vampire, and Frankenstein hybrid takes the lives of thousands, while police struggle to deal with the insane carnage. Being half flesh […]

erotica 0

A Sinister Nature by Helen Mihajlovic

The garden is filled with a sour scent of decay; flowers dead owed to disregard. He is in my every thought as I sit alone with the cold night air caressing me. My heart races while my mind is flooded with a perilous notion of the terror he brings to all who come near him. The dread he causes reveals […]

erotica 3

The Adler Street Boarding House by Kelly Evans

The house sighed; it breathed in the damp London air, feeling the aches of its age and the ever-present river mist settling into its wooden joints. Expressing its displeasure, it creaked and groaned, but the residents had grown used to the house and ignored the noises, accepting them as part of the cacophony of the city they lived in. The […]

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Deadman’s Tome T-Shirt!

For a limited time only, the first Deadman’s Tome T-shirt is available for purchase! You could wear any other shirt. Yeah, you could wear that superhero shirt and pretend to make a difference in the world, or you could wear a shirt that means something. A shirt that shows off your support for the craft, for horror literature, and the […]

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Horror Sunday

Sunday, the perfect day for relaxing with a cold beer and a new short from Deadman’s Tome. If you don’t drink beer, then perhaps a glass of scotch or a shot of jack would be a good alternative. If you’re one of them “well-balanced” individuals that don’t want to get tipsy at 9AM, then you could lie to yourself with […]