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A Hero’s Welcome by Peter Indianna

      The cobalt dress was taut around Carter Graham’s hips, the nylon thigh-hose stretched smooth and the blonde wig that he made out of Janet’s scalp fit radiantly snug over his short, salt-and-pepper hair. The pumps were far too small so he had to slit the sides of the black leather to make his feet slip into the […]

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How Can I Support Deadman’s Tome?

Deadman’s Tome is an online horror magazine (ezine) that publishes horror shorts and flash fiction. That much you probably already know, or at least could probably guess from the aesthetics of the site. What you maynot know is that Deadman’s Tome is a paying market that offers authors to earn money based on views, likes, and comments their stories receive. […]

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Paint by Kathleen Wolak

  “Excuse, Madame.” A clearly over-worked, under-dressed waiter bumped my elbow as he rushed to the kitchen.  His momentum placed my watch squarely beneath my nose, and I saw that Professor Gray was now fifteen minutes late.   Finally, when I was about to start packing my things and call the interview a wash, the professor blew in the door, […]

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ANT FARM by Roger Dale Trexler

  Timmy Caldwell stomped the anthill.   He was only eight years old and his mother had shooed him out of the house so she and her girlfriends could drink wine and gossip.  Left to his own devices, he found the anthill almost immediately.  He watched for a moment as the ants scurried to and fro, but he lost interest […]

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Lockdown by Shawn M. Riddle

Hinesville, Georgia Robert E. Lee Memorial Hospital April 19, 2011-9:52 P.M.   Doctor Steve Zimmerman jerked his Mustang into the parking lot and cut off a blonde nurse in a Honda Civic to take the last space in the emergency employee’s lot. When she honked at him, he flipped her off without a glance. This was his fourth straight week […]

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Deadman’s Tome LIVE 10PM (central time)

Join Mr.Deadman, writers, and other guests as they share stories and generally have a good time. Tonight, you’ll meet Corey Niles (Beached), and hopefully Mike Mitchell (When The Engineer Knocks). Why would you want to meet these two guys? Well, their stories were featured on this site this week, and I’m sure they would love to talk about them.

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When The Engineer Knocks by Mike Mitchell

  The room was cold and sterile, white from floor to ceiling, a small table and two chairs decorating the center, leaving taste and décor at the door. On the far side, a man sat, meek and unseeming. His arms and legs were shackled, his head hung low. Hair drooped across his face, concealing his eyes. Dr. Taryn Humbolt stood […]

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Deadman’s Tome LIVE hangouts

Deadman’s Tome is about community and to encourage engagement between the writers and readers. I would love to host a Deadman’s Tome LIVE hangout where the authors are invited on to offer readings, engage with readers, joke around, and have a good time. BUT, I need to know if Deadman’s Tome is ready for that. I’m thinking Fridays around 10-11pm. […]

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Beached by Corey Niles

The whale came in the night, dying on land before anyone even knew it was there. Forty-five feet long and weighing over fifty tons, the massive sperm whale spent its last hours on the sand of Melville Beach, unable to return to the nearby sea that would enable its survival. The question of body disposal soon became a priority in […]

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Sunday Horror

To some, Sunday is perceived as a day of lounging and relaxing, but one could make the case that Sunday is a day of horror, dread, and misery. It’s a day where God fearing folk are reminded of the horrors of Hell, a day of rough hangovers, and a day away from work. Deadman’s Tome can’t relieve you of your […]

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No reading tonight

Unfortunately, there will be no podcast or reading tonight. I do, however, would like to express a noticeable impact that the “Share the Love, man” post seems to have had. For those new to Deadman’s Tome, I encourage you to check out the stories, the content, and express your likes, give your feedback, and share with your friends. It should […]

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A Small Problem by Diane Arrelle

Sylvia Potter was definitely shrinking. As she stood on her toes to look in the mirror while brushing her long, damp hair, she felt her bracelets slide down her wrist and off her hand. “This is absurd,” she sighed and kicked the jewelry out of her way.  Then she stretched and reached for her make-up.  Sylvia thought about calling in […]

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Candied by Sarah Doebereiner

The earth was soggy like an over saturated sponge.  Annette’s shoes sunk into the mud when she walked across her front lawn. A sloshing, sucking sound permeated the air with each step. The elderly woman steadied her body against the banister leading to the porch.  She slid her shoes off. Cold from the concrete seeped into the balls of her […]

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The Old Girls by Trev Hill

The door opened creakily and she saw the large, hall-like classroom, filled with lines of silent students seated with their backs to her. The creaking of the door made them turn their heads towards her, gazing apprehensively, with a mixture of curiosity and a hint of malicious mirth, although some faces had an air of woe and sympathy. She stood, […]

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Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t miss out on getting your Deadman’s Tome T-shirt. Starting now, and for a limited time only, you can get a shirt that not only looks cool, but represents a growing horror writing community. Some of you ordered but the quota wasn’t reached, and thus the shirts were not shipped and you were not charged. However, the Deadman’s Tome shirts […]