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DOSE by Marc Shapiro

Read More   The whore exploded through the door, pulling the tattered remains of her short shorts and halter top around her nakedness. She was the best $100 hooker that money could buy and she was up for any scene. Except this one. Ron appeared in the doorway, his stubbled face and sweaty body wrapped in a bed sheet. A […]

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The Valley of Sex by Joseph Rubas

Read More On March 20, 1937, a tropical storm system, having formed off the coast of east Africa, struck the eastern seaboard of the United States with tremendous force, devastating parts of the Carolinas and Virginia. The hardest hit areas were those along the central Virginia coastline. The town of Fredericksburg, while somewhat inland, was particularly hurt, as the river […]

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When the Last Candle Dies by Trev Hill

Mamiko felt the hairs on her neck rise as the older girl turned and fixed her with a playful yet malevolent smile. The flames flickered across her face, adding to the demonic glint in her eye. Realising the hold she had over Mamiko, she licked her lips slowly before speaking in a, sing-song voice,     “And the girl, Yuki, went […]

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Blackmouth by S. Alessandro Martinez

It was a freezing, starless night. The moon tried feebly to reach out behind the black clouds, and the icy wind bit at my face as I trudged through the dirty snow on my way home. It had been a rather long, awful day at work. As much as I love books, working at a library was not always the […]

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Attention writers!

Write horror? Do you torture your characters for fun? Have a story so demented that no one will take it? Then consider Deadman’s Tome. Open to short stories of the horror genre and we pay. Published stories earn .10cent (USD) per view, like, and comment received. We ask for non-exclusive publishing rights. Multiple submissions okay. Payments handled via PayPal. Submit […]

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Dreadfully Stupid – Turned Down by Taco Bell

It’s one o’clock in the morning, you’re tired, a bit wasted, and worst of all, hungry. You’re stomach churns, acids burn at the lining, but a light on the horizon offers relief. What’s this, a Taco Bell? An offering of low quality meat, stale lettuce, and shredded cheese wrapped in a dry tortilla is within minutes of devouring. You pull […]

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The Weapon Collector by Dave Hann

I am a collector of antique weapons.  Human history being what it is, the field is very interesting, and full.  From our earliest history till the very present we have been developing new and improved means of killing.  Killing animals, and most often killing each other.  This destructive impulse has led to the creation of some wonderful devices.  I believe […]

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Zombie Life Ain’t So Bad

Zombie life isn’t so bad. Undead Greg delivers a pitch to those willing to make the greatest decision of their life. Join the undead, the winning team, and live a life of no responsibility, no drama, no stress, no pain, and best of all no need to work ever again! Granted, Donald Trump may try to deport you to Mexico, […]