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Horror at Camp Waifu Writing Contest

After revisiting my early nerdy years as an otaku, I thought about how I could blend the horror that Deadman’s Tome publishes and anime together. Then it hit me: Camp Waifu. A very simple, straightforward writing contest that spans an intense 60 days (30 days of contest entry and 30 days of competing) where people can submit their work and then have that work read and judged by the people.


Submit a short horror story (3000 to 5000 words in length) about what happens at Camp Waifu. Is it a Friday the 13th situation? Is it a trap that leads to a young virgin strapped into a SAW device? Or does it toss away horror for more of a humorous and twisted fate?


Entry into the contest starts 8/8/2019 and ends 9/8/2019.

The stories that are entered will be posted on this site where readers can like, comment, and share.

The stories will be uploaded on the site on 9/9/2019 and for 30 days they will compete for the most views, likes and comments.

Only ONE entry per person.

No reprints.

No restrictions or limitations.

Winner gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card.


Send your story to

Be sure to check out the Deadman’s Tome podcast for updates and info about the contest.

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Too Soon?

With mass shootings increasing in frequency, I wonder if Mr. Deadman Made Me Do It was a bit too soon.

What do I mean?

One of my favorite stories in the collection is about a fictional Mr. Deadman (need to stress that for legal reasons) that talks a basement dwelling incel into shooting up a school.

Now, hold on before you rage quit this post. The story has a twist at the end. A nice pay off that makes things nice.

But this is not the first time Deadman’s Tome has published controversial material. A few years back, we featured a story about a girl that rampaged through a school, leaving behind a trail of dead bodies.

That story is called A Corpse Can’t Laugh by Salem Martin and G. B. Holly

We received negative responses about that story back then, and that leaves me to believe that it is only a matter of time before the soccer moms start coming out of theeir vans for this one.

But let me ask you, what do you think?

Did Mr. Deadman Made Me Do It go too far, or not far enough?

Check it out for yourself and leave a comment below.


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Deadman’s Tome Podcast – Dave Bray

Dave Bray is a United States Navy Veteran and full-time touring musician, singer, and songwriter. While the Deadman’s Tome podcast has a strong focus on horror and writing, we do occasionally branch out to talk to other creative minds about who they are and what they do.


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Horror Match-up: Chucky VS Trump

Talk around town is that there is a killer doll rampaging through the ghettos of Detroit. Rumor has it that the doll intends to make his way to the White House to put his soul into the president of the United States, but how does he get there, and what would Trump do as reports of his approach comes in?


Chucky VS Donald J Trump:

Write a quick piece about how this showdown happens, and the best ones will be read on the Deadman’s Tome podcast!



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Brutal Horror and Government Secrets!

See why people are offended by Mr Deadman Made Me Do It and why conspiracy theorists enjoy The Conspiracy Issue.

For a limited time only, you can get both amazing books for only $10.

That’s right. Ten dollars flat. No shipping.

Offer expires 8/11/2019 and for US only.

Send payment to

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Deadman’s Tome Newsletter

From thrilling books to entertaining podcasts, Deadman’s Tome offers a lot of content. The problem is we do so much that sometimes things get lost in the noise. Sign up for the Deadman’s Tome Newsletter to avoid that problem.


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Vic Mignogna, Importance of Being Positive, and Teen Vogue


In this episode, Mr Deadman talks about Vic Mignogna and his appearance at Anime Matsuri, Vic Mignogna’s speech on positivity, and then shifts gears into to a dumpster fire of a topic: zoophilia and how Twitter seems to tolerate it. Mr Deadman also shows off a few bizarre titles on What The Fuck, Amazon? and then rants about Teen Vogue encouraging thirteen year olds into prostitution and sex work.

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Mark Sheldon- Horror, Serial Killers, and Woman Arrested For Driving Toy Car



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Straight Pride Parade is Okay

I do not have a problem with straight people celebrating their orientation, because I do not have a problem with gay people celebrating theirs. We should, in a country with freedom of speech, be allowed to openly celebrate our orientations.

Some people do have a problem with it, and when they express their opinions it often comes across as reverse bigotry, or just bigotry.

When someone claims that straight people shouldn’t have pride parades because they’re straight they are using the same line of thinking that homophobic bigots used against gays. Claiming that someone shouldn’t get to exercise their right because of their orientation is wrong and illegal. I understand that gay people were and still are the subject of harassment, assaults, and death threats from straight people, but to claim that all straight people are the aggressors is an argument from prejudice and ignorance.

Remember #notall does apply, right?

When people say that everyday for a straight person is a parade and thus they shouldn’t get a parade, they argue form ignorance the same way homophobes would and is just another variation of discrimination. When someone restricts the rights of someone else on the basis that the group already has enough rights, or already has this or that, then you’re just using ignorance and prejudice to excuse discrimination.

I’m for gay people celebrating their gayness. They should be proud of being gay, just like lesbians should be proud of being lesbian, and trans people being proud. I’m also for straight people celebrating their straightness, too.