October Blitz 2019

Non-Stop Horror

Do you like scary movies? Do you like creepy things? Have you ever wondered if a cursed phone number could actually kill you? Well, then stick around because Deadman’s Tome is delivering a fresh batch of horror-loving, ultra-creepy, and bat-shit insane content each and every day.

Every night at 9:30PM CST, Deadman’s Tome will drop a new episode. We’ve got some amazing guests lined up, plans to tinker with deadly urban legends, and the guts to summon ghosts and demons!

Is this real life? Is this really happening? It is. Watch the shows LIVE on YouTube at 9:30PM CST or catch them afterwards on Spreaker, iTunes, and other podcast apps.

Monster Madness

If you like horror monsters, check out Monster Madness. All month long we will host a fantasy sports of horror monsters where YOU get to vote on who wins.

Monster Madness Logo

Monster Party

Deadman’s Tome also presents Monster Party – an all out fun and horrific party with the Monsters that just never seem to get the invite.

Monster Party Cover Sketch

Coming Soon.

The Lake Tahoe Ten Killings

If you enjoy crime thrillers, then you’ll definitely enjoy The Lake Tahoe Ten Killings by Gil Valle. The former NYPD “Cannibal Cop” Gil Valle knows a thing or two about crime, murder, and the darker side of humanity, which he pours into this gripping story.


Now available for Amazon Kindle and paperback.


Inappropriate Literature

Scary Devil Nun

The stories in this collection are NOT for the faint of heart. When reading this, you’ll encounter psychological horror the likes of which you’ve probably never experienced.

Enter a journey of never-ending misery. Where nothing is what it seems and the grotesque and evil dwell in the within. From the tortured mind of Josh Davis (author of “the Cure for ADHD”) comes another compilation of madness and mayhem.From resurrection, despair, possession, and a horrible shopping experience at the mall, these stories are guaranteed to haunt you.

Now available for Amazon Kindle and paperback