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Choice Cuts

Bone chilling terror for those that like their horror extra dark

Choice Cuts contains fourteen stories that combine elements of psychological horror, Lovecraftian dread, dark comedy, and the macabre. Every story has an unexpected twist that will surprise you, and with cynicism that will infect you. Are you ready for some Choice Cuts?

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Wind-up Toy

Chaos has a secret and the thing about secrets is that they eventually get out.

Brutal, hardcore, and down right demented, Wind-up Toy is a bold blend of dark psychological horror and taboo perversion.

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Better You Believe

Urban legends – every town has them. Local variations of widely known stories passed down from one generation to the next.They range from tales of haunted houses and monsters in the closet, to witches and dark curses telling you where not to tread. I’ve heard them all in my travels through the Appalachians and southeastern United States. The question is, do you believe, or is it all made up? Sometimes it’s best to heed the advice given in those old familiar stories. After all, as the old Sherpa saying goes – Maybe true. Maybe not true. Better you believe.

Tony Evans is a crafter of horror and dark fiction, and a lover of all things creepy. He is the author of nearly two-dozen short stories that have appeared in various print and online horror magazines and anthologies. Better You Believe is his debut collection. He currently lives in Bardstown, Kentucky where he spends his time with his wife and two young daughters – his favorite little monsters.

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Deep in the mountains of Appalachia, a legend is told about something evil that lurks within the dense woods of Gunrack Holler. A witch is said to live there, one whose appetite for innocent souls dates back hundreds of years.

Sam Fletcher had heard the story his whole life, but he never really believed it. After all, as his father always said, it’s just an old folktale… only a story.

But two years ago, something happened that made him believe.

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The Lake Tahoe Ten Killings

With only months to live because of terminal lung cancer, Marcus Gostin is ready to confess his secret to the entire world. He is the person responsible for the frightening and unsolved disappearances of local women – known informally as the “Lake Tahoe Ten” – during the past two decades.

As the owner of a successful and popular Lake Tahoe resort, he was able to hide in plain sight while living his life as a patient and proficient serial killer. Proud of what he had done and wanting his name to live on in immortality, he decides to document in meticulous and graphic detail how he hunted, kidnapped, and brutally slaughtered each of the Tahoe Ten” in a journal with the hope that it would be published after his death.

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Chris Miller

A traditional hunting trip on opening day.

Some bad weather.

And something very bad in the woods.

Venturing out in spite of the weather, things quickly turn bad for Frank Vaughn, his two best friends, and his son, Cory. They thought they were keeping tradition, but when they stumble upon something they were never meant to see, they are suddenly thrust into a desperate, chaotic fight for their lives.

Those who trespass want to be left alone.

Kindle and Print edition

Flesh & Blood

Renee Miller 


 “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” – Matthew 26:41 

A woman beaten and nearly broken by her stepfather’s horrific cruelty finds revenge by making the bloody transition from submissive to master. A serial killer discovers an adoring fan, who is determined to get them both caught. A writer is plagiarized, but he doesn’t take it sitting down. Instead, he pens another bloody, thrilling masterpiece. A woman’s weakness for extreme BDSM sexual encounters sets in motion a horrifying sequence of events. At the end of the day, we’re all just two things: Flesh and blood. Everyone gives into temptation eventually. 

This collection of thrilling, suspense with elements of erotika and extreme depictions of bondage, sadism, and masochism. This book is for those that enjoy a suspenseful thrilling with erotic encounters.

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