Deadman’s Tome Theater Submissions

Deadman’s Tome Theater features limited-time screenings of indie films. Indie filmmakers can submit their work to Deadman’s Tome LLC for consideration for the Deadman’s Tome Theater, but only a few will make it. our aim is to screen a different indie title every week. The filmmakers could earn some money if viewers choose to throw them tips at a 40/60 split, with 60% going to the indie filmmaker(s).

Submission guidelines:

– Film must be considered in the horror genre and have runtime between 1-120 minutes.
– Film must be completely edited and in its final completed form.
– The film and all submitted content must be owned by the filmmaker or submitter.
– Films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English.
– Any entry must fit the horror genre and subgenres. This includes, psychological horror, supernatural, monster movies, zombies, b-movies, slashers, and horror-comedy.
– Nudity is approved but films depicting pornographic scenes will not be accepted. Films depicting real-life forms of violence, torture or abuse on humans or animals will not be tolerated and will result in criminal prosecution.

To submit your film for consideration for Deadman’s Tome Theater send a link to your film