October is going to be one hell of a wild ride for Deadman’s Tome. We have a full serving of horror available for FREE, Bikers VS The Undead, sinister reunions, a book by Renee Miller, podcasts every day, and a live stream Halloween night!

Free to Read October 2018 Ezine

Deadman’s Tome presents scary, chilling tales perfect for the month of horror, and it makes it all the better that it’s free. A cheap thrill is lame, but a free chill can last forever.


To download and read the ezine go here https://www.patreon.com/posts/october-2018-to-21730622


Bikers VS The Undead

If the though of Sons of Anarchy going head to head with a biker gang from Hell gets you excited, then check out Deadman’s Tome Bikers VS The Undead.


Bikers Vs The Undead Cover (65% Complete)

Release date slated for 10/12/2018



Deadman’s Tome ReUnion

Reunions are horrible, right? Getting together to see family you don’t even really know to pretend that you know them can be exhausting, but some reunions have a much darker and sinister edge to them. Deadman’s Tome presents ReUnion – short stories about the horrors and thrill that comes from the much darker type of reunions.

Read Today

Available for Amazon Kindle and full color paperback 

Flesh and Blood by Renee Miller

Flesh and Blood blends chilling terror with provocative perversion. Release Date: Halloween 2018


Deadman’s Tome Halloween Live Stream

Coming soon.

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