Deadman’s Tome has two brand-new chilling anthologies for you horror fanatics this October. Real American Horror features grim tales that mirror the real and brutal horrors of American life such as crib-side murder suicide, zika virus, torture in the name of Jesus, and Islamic terror. Oh, and there’s lots of moonshine. Book of Horrors III is the third installment of the fan-favorite Book of Horror series.

Real American Horror

America, a land of prosperity, wealth, and hope, but that’s a fresh coat of paint on a system riddled with corruption, exploitation, and the disillusioned. Real American Horror exposes what lies under the facade: crib-side murder suicide, fear of zika virus, torture in the name of Jesus, Islamic terror, cannibalism, racism, and so much more.


Real American Horror is much more than a collection of chilling, terrifying horror. It’s a compilation of brutal truth wrapped in layers of fiction.

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Book of Horrors III

Book of Horrors III contains seven stories that are transcribed from an ancient tome inked in blood and bound by flesh and bone. While horror fiends would love to read a grim tale in such a manner, it would be cumbersome to carry around such a gruesome object. Instead, you can enjoy the tales in a slick digital and 6×9 print format.

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Book of Horrors III features seven chilling stories. I See Your Night and Raise You Hell by Charles Gramlich exploits the fear of clowns and strangers in bathroom stalls. Uxoricide by Bob McNeil mirrors one of the most popular murder trials in American history. The Night We Aired the House by Chris Campeau is an emotionally charged story of family loss and the living dead. Revenge of the Shape-Shifter by Rekha Ambardar incorporates Native American lore to tell a chilling story of revenge. A Hero’s Welcome by Peter Indianna goes deep into the layers of insanity caused by PTSD. Snoflower by L.K. Scott tells of a loving couple with a dark sadistic secret. Lastly, Schrodinger’s Dilemma by Dan Lee reflects on guilt and remorse. All together, the stories make for a satisfying collection of horror.


Deadman’s Tome Podcast BLTIZ

For October, there will be daily episodes of the Deadman’s Tome podcast. The Deadman’s tome podcast is a relaxed and chill show that explores the weird and sometimes perverted threads of horror, features readings, story commentary, and interviews with wide range of guests.