Real Horror Radio: Ezra McCandless

On March 22nd, 2018, Ezra McCandless showed up at the doorstep of Don Sipple, a Wisconsin dairy farmer. Bloodied, scratched, and covered in mud. 20 year-old Ezra stated that she was attacked by former boyfriend Alex Woodworth. Initially blaming her attacker, she would soon admit to carving the word BOY into her arm after stabbing woodworth 16 times on a desolate country road. Was the … Continue reading Real Horror Radio: Ezra McCandless

If You’re Looking for Podcasts…

Deadman’s Tome offers a variety of podcasts. Real Horror Radio explores real crime, real events, real horror. Cursed Earth explores locations considered to be cursed because of the number or strange circumstances around the deceased in the area. Deadman’s Tome Story Time offers story readings. Freak Show explores the more freaky and disturbing side of humanity. Real Monsters explores serial killers, going into the gritty … Continue reading If You’re Looking for Podcasts…

LADY IN WHITE by Chris Ayers

McAllen, Texas On July 10th, 2016, I spotted something that changed my perception of the world. I don’t consider myself a religious man, nor did I care much about the paranormal, but the thing I saw, the lady in white, was something that defies the norm. I was driving down Bicentennial blvd with my cousin Greg in the car, heading to McAllen Museum. I pulled … Continue reading LADY IN WHITE by Chris Ayers

You Can’t Resist by Michael Flanagan

Just kill yourself, you fucking whore! The voice blasted in my head, reverberating against the skull. My hands pressed against my face, squeezing tight as if it could all be smothered away. My palms rubbed into my eyes, drying up the manic tears. My fingers ran through my hair, pulling like mad as if it would stop the voice! Take the blade and cut! The … Continue reading You Can’t Resist by Michael Flanagan