Meat Grinder April 2019 Winners

The April 2019 Meat Grinder featured seven short stories that competed for the most points by accumulating the most reads, likes and comments. In other writing contest one’s work is judged by editors, but in the Meat Grinder the value of one’s work is subject to reaction of the readers and the ability to network. While there is value in a panel of editors evaluating … Continue reading Meat Grinder April 2019 Winners

The Meat Grinder 2019!

New Meat grinder writing contest for April 2019! The following stories are competing for 30 days to get the most points! A Unique visitor is 1 point, a like is 5 points, and a comment is worth 10 points (authors own comments and duplicated messages don’t count). First place winner gets $50 in CASH (paypal)! Second place gets $25 dollars in CASH (paypal), and third … Continue reading The Meat Grinder 2019!

September 2018 Meat Grinder Contestants

The all female August 2018 Meat Grinder proved to be relentless. Amy Grech and Renee Miller were neck and neck, but Renee encouraged people to leave comments, which paved a smooth road to victory. Let that be a lesson for you. It’s not enough to share, you need to motivate people to leave a comment, even a discussion. Enough of August, it’s September and it’s … Continue reading September 2018 Meat Grinder Contestants

[Sep 2018] Craftsmanship for Food – Clark Roberts

  Craftsmanship for Food Good God, Gary Jennings thought as he hustled to his car, I can’t get away from this place fast enough. He’d spent an extra hour at the dealership crunching numbers, trying to come up with a way to persuade a customer into one of the new cars displayed in the front lot. His efforts were futile; it was written on the … Continue reading [Sep 2018] Craftsmanship for Food – Clark Roberts

[Sep 2018] Walnut Street – Luke Peace

  Walnut Street I have vague memories of moving into that house. The only thing I remember before then is that I was happy. We used to live in a pretty little farmhouse by the river, surrounded by hills, and family members lived nearby, who we would eat dinner with every Sunday. My best memory is my uncle letting me ride one of his horses … Continue reading [Sep 2018] Walnut Street – Luke Peace

All Female Writing Contest

  Four strong contenders entered the ring in the August 2018 The Meat Grinder. Renee Miller is a favorite on the podcast and the author of Eat the Rich. Sravani is a returning champion. Amy is talented writer and formidable challenger, and Lisa might know a few secrets to give her an advantage. The question is who will win?  Who will receive the most reads, … Continue reading All Female Writing Contest