Is Horror Bites Any Good?

Is Horror Bites Magazine #6 any good? Full disclosure, I was provided with a free copy through Tony Evans. But, if you question whether or not that makes me biased, then check this out. My first impression of the cover was that it was difficult to read with text blending into the artwork. Something that could easily be fixed with a few drop shadows … Continue reading Is Horror Bites Any Good?

Urban Legends that You Can’t Ignore!

Check out what The Scary Reviews said about Monsters Exist! Review copy provided by in exchange for an honest review Growing up we have all heard stories or urban legends about monsters and creatures. We’ve seen footage or reports that feel sketchy at best. But we all want to believe them, and why not, it’s fun to think the impossible could be possible. Monsters Exist has 14 short stories covering a variety of monsters. I found a number of stories in this anthology really good. Many hit … Continue reading Urban Legends that You Can’t Ignore!

Monsters Do Exist Here’s the Proof!

This is such a great anthology about monsters of all shapes and sizes. This book holds monsters that we all have feared since our childhood. It is the things that go bump in the night. It is the stories we tell around campfires. They are the urban legends and the tall tales.   Let me be straight forward with you now. I have never read … Continue reading Monsters Do Exist Here’s the Proof!

Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors II Review

4.0 out of 5 starsA surprisingly strong collection of dark, often extreme horror By Bob Milne on December 29, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition A surprisingly strong collection of dark, often extreme horror, Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors II is a slender sampling of the genre. There are stories of both supernatural and human horror contained herein, all said to be torn from a cursed tome … Continue reading Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors II Review

[Review] Mister White by John C. Foster

If your novel can’t captivate a reader with in the first three chapters, then the wonderful idea you spent months on will sure as Hell never sell to any respectful publisher. John C. Foster’s Mister White, published by Grey Matter Press, not only knows of this golden rule of publishing, it proudly passes the test. Mister Whiter delivers a compelling story that will grip readers … Continue reading [Review] Mister White by John C. Foster

[Review] The Goat – Bill Kieffer

The Goat by Bill Kieffer explores the abusive relationship between Frank (a homophobic homosexual) and Glenn (a cock addicted homosexual), while Frank works to turn Glenn into the perfect victim. Frank is hardheaded, homophobic bully that gets a chub from going out of his way to beat down on gays. Frank tormented fags in high school for sport, and while doing so, paid Glenn a lot of … Continue reading [Review] The Goat – Bill Kieffer

Bukkake Brawl Review

Bukkake Brawl written by Made in DNA Chances are the title caught your curiosity, and chances are high that perhaps your curiosity was followed by a moment of shame, maybe even guilt because you know what a bukkake is. However, don’t allow the guilt and shame to cloud your interest. Bukkake Brawl delivers an intense and engaging story of aspiration and revenge set in a dystopian 80’s envision … Continue reading Bukkake Brawl Review