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Benefits of the Undead Life


Are you tired of waking up and doing the same monotonous set of tasks and routine every bastard day? Then don’t!

Tweet your address to Undead Greg  @zombietimesgreg and you can become a zombie today!

As a zombie, you’ll never have to worry about your bills, slave away at your mundane job, or have to listen to your child’s tantrum ever again! As a zombie you are completely liberated and free to do your own thing. Just as long as your own thing consists of lumbering around, chasing people, and eating lots of flesh!

Still not convinced, then hear it from a zombie with first hand experience.

Pros and cons to zombie life!

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Zombie Life Ain’t So Bad

Zombie life isn’t so bad. Undead Greg delivers a pitch to those willing to make the greatest decision of their life. Join the undead, the winning team, and live a life of no responsibility, no drama, no stress, no pain, and best of all no need to work ever again! Granted, Donald Trump may try to deport you to Mexico, but, it’s worth the risk.

Undead Greg is a perverted, politically incorrect zombie that would love to eat him some Halle Berry. Show him love and he’ll grant you immunity for when the apocalypse comes.

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Zombies and Burgers

Salt and grease make for delicious brains. Don’t believe me, just ask Undead Greg about his brain preference. He wanders into a fast food chain, and ended up kicked out for scaring kids! All he wanted was a burger, just one burger, but no. Apparently, the sensitive temperament of the children is much more important.

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Deadman’s Tome Podcast

First episode, initial test run, and a good way to breathe new life into Deadman’s Tome!

Authors, musicians, artists, send stuff you want plugged to me at

Readers, fans, and strangers, send me stuff you want covered to the same email address.

The plan is to make this weekly.