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The Medium Hour

Deadman’s Tome is excited to announce a brand new podcast that dives deep into the paranormal by meeting with interesting and brilliant minds in hopes to discover the truth. We present The Medium Hour. A bi-weekly show where your host, Wolf Boy, will explore whether or not certain things are a thing.  

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Conversations this Week

The Deadman’s Tome podcast starts off with the Queen of Filth, followed by strange creatures with Dan Allen, and then paranormal activity with Tammy Gyarmathy. Monday at 9:30PM CST – Dani Brown (Queen of Filth) Wednesday at 9:30PM CST – Dan Allen Friday at 9:30PM CST – Tammy Gyarmathy (paranormal investigator)

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Eat The Rich

Renee Miller’s new book Eat The Rich is OUT NOW! Published by my friends over at Hindered Souls, this book is loaded with gruesome details and is ready to shock […]