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Category: New Release

Horror 0

Horror for Charity!

  Mechanisms of Despair, Gary Buller’s debut collection, features dark psychological horror that will keep you hooked. This collection contains some of of Gary’s earlier works that have be re-written […]

Horror 16

Blackmouth by S. Alessandro Martinez

It was a freezing, starless night. The moon tried feebly to reach out behind the black clouds, and the icy wind bit at my face as I trudged through the dirty snow on my way home. It had been a rather long, awful day at work. As much as I love books, working at a library was not always the […]

Horror 2


As the title reveals, I’m not too sure about the longevity of Deadman’s Tome. The truth is that submissions have not been coming in, and it might have something to do with the lack of site promotion. The drive I had for the site, the passion, has been derailed simply due to distraction and priorities. To reveal even more, I […]