Bikers VS The Undead

Move over The Walking Dead, you’re time of soap opera with zombies is over! Deadman’s Tome presents Bikers VS The Undead. An action packed, adrenaline pumping thriller where bad ass leather clad roughnecks face off against a horde of rotters. A book that pairs well with a glass of whiskey, a tall boy of beer, and Motorhead’s Ace of Spades. Kindle version Paperback version Continue reading Bikers VS The Undead

The Blackout – Gary Buller

  The Blackout by Gary Buller   London had been his candle as the man plied his trade into the early hours of the morning, the prolonged wails of the sirens ensuring that he remained alert and awake. Business had been booming, but he marked out the plots and sunk the spade into the damp clod with burdened shoulders, one of his recent clients had … Continue reading The Blackout – Gary Buller

Deadman’s Tome LIVE with Martin Richmond

  Horror writer Martin Richmond, author of Zombie-con, meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about his zombie horror short, the relation to The Walking Dead (if any), all things zombies, and more. This week’s Deadman’s Tome podcast will be hosted live on YouTube at the usual day and time, Friday at 10PM CST. Streaming on YouTube will allow for Mr. Deadman to really dig into … Continue reading Deadman’s Tome LIVE with Martin Richmond

ZOMBIE-CON – Martin Richmond

       Darkness plunged the prison cell into a box of stark, uneasy shadows. An external security light switched on, throwing a sickly yellow pattern through the bars and over a group of four prison officers sharing a common silence. It was the youngest of the group who broke the icy stillness with a fearful cry. “Why us then, hell’s teeth, – WHY – WHY?” “Keep quiet … Continue reading ZOMBIE-CON – Martin Richmond

The Four of July by Shawn M Riddle

  I wake with a jolt, dreaming of being lowered steadily into a thumping cement mixer.  As I struggle back to the waking world, I realize that the sound isn’t only in my dream; it’s resonating throughout the whole cabin. Damn! Those helicopters again. They’ve been flying around here at all hours of the day and night for the past two days. Helicopters in Washington … Continue reading The Four of July by Shawn M Riddle

Happy Birthday, Joshie by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

    Usually Rachel Harding did not want to go to her brother Joshie’s birthday party. This year was different. She had finally figured out what to get him. Rachel made sure her parents did not see the change in her. She took as long in the shower as she usually did. She hesitated between two dresses before deciding on a third. She intentionally left … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Joshie by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

Joining the Family by Morgan Tanner

  There was a burning itch clawing at my throat. No matter how hard I scratched at it there was no escape from the searing agony. My fingers were numb, yet ached intensely as I ground them hard into my itchy flesh. But it was no use. The car lay crumpled against a rock, smoke billowing from the smashed engine while it emitted its mechanical … Continue reading Joining the Family by Morgan Tanner