Can you Handle Sour?

SOMETHING EVIL ROSE WITHIN, AN ANCIENT BEING, ONE OLDER THAN TIME ITSELF… Deep in the mountains of Appalachia, a legend is told about something evil that lurks within the dense woods of Gunrack Holler. A witch is said to live there, one whose appetite for innocent souls dates back hundreds of years. Sam Fletcher had heard the story his whole life, but he never really … Continue reading Can you Handle Sour?

The Master’s Torment – Mr. Deadman

The Master’s Torment Moranet’s Rebirth Mr. Deadman Poor Moranet, son of the king, spared by the wicked hand of the Queen, falsified the wrongs with weariless perseverance, even in the face of death. Before his demise, life handed him a series of unfortunate hardships that drove the dagger of hopelessness deeper and deeper, until all that remained was pure hatred and anguish. A death absorbed … Continue reading The Master’s Torment – Mr. Deadman

Last Of The Aztec Riders – Mark Mellon

Enhance your coffee today “Buy me a beer and I’ll tell you a good story.” Jack Pilgrim regarded the one-eyed, one-armed, huge man on the barstool beside his. The half of his face minus an eye was scarred almost beyond recognition as human, his deformed lip pulled down in a perpetual half scowl. After twelve hours on his hog high on meth, Pilgrim only wanted … Continue reading Last Of The Aztec Riders – Mark Mellon

VooDon’t by Kelly Evans

    “It smells funny in here.” Lucy wrinkled her nose in disgust. “Jesus, it really does.” “You’re the one who wanted to come in here. Why in God’s name would you want to visit this place?” Kate looked around the shop and shivered. The windows were blackened to block out the early evening light from outside and candles covered every surface, dried red wax … Continue reading VooDon’t by Kelly Evans

Touch Me, I’m Sick by Mark Slade

  It was never about love for Mike and Carrie. It was always about sex. Where ever they found themselves, the attraction was so strong that they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Dropping their kids off to school, Carrie would climb into Mike’s Classic ’66 Dart and they would pull around the school—behind the chain link fence where the baseball diamond was … Continue reading Touch Me, I’m Sick by Mark Slade

Revenge of the Shape-Shifter by Rekha Amberdar

  Revenge of the Shape-Shifter by Rekha Amberdar Pine trees mimicking sentinels on a silent watch sliced the ground like slanting natural railings as Tess Scolari wound her SUV up the dirt incline of Dead Sage Mesa. Snaking up the forlorn hill, she tried not to look out the window to the right. One slip and the SUV would somersault downward several hundred feet below. … Continue reading Revenge of the Shape-Shifter by Rekha Amberdar