Would you eat a Cthulhu Cheese Burger?

Deadman’s Tome Deep Fried Horror is serving the juciest, beefiest burger you’ll ever find. The only catch is it might be served with a meat so exotic it’s criminal. But don’t mind that. Cthulhu Cheese Burger comes with four juicy patties, layers of melted cheese, and fresh baked buns. A very delicious combination of savory flavors, which is good. You’ll need something to distract from … Continue reading Would you eat a Cthulhu Cheese Burger?

Cthulhu Celebrates Christmas

Hey, tell aunt Sally to put down the eggnog and get ready to share, because Cthulhu is coming to pay a little visit. Don’t be alarmed, the Ancient One just wants to partake in the Christmas festivities, spread some joy, and enjoy the merry spirit of the holiday. So what if he wants to devour you and your family, right? You’re gonna wish he could … Continue reading Cthulhu Celebrates Christmas

The Ancient Ones 2 Submissions Call

Announcing call for submissions for The Ancient Ones 2 All Submissions should meet this criteria: Works: short stories Genre: Horror, Dark fiction inspired by Lovecraft Current Theme: The Ancient Ones – stories on Cthulhu and the Chtulhu mythos Deadline: March 15th – could close early if filled quickly Format: Attach the .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX  Word Count 5k – 7k words approx. Payment: 60% of … Continue reading The Ancient Ones 2 Submissions Call

Great Lovecraft Horror for FREE!

Deadman’s Tome The Ancient Ones is a great tribute to the dark and disturbed mind behind the Cthulhu mythos. Readers will descend deeper into madness with each and every story. Some of the stories go as far as to emulate the prose of the tormented Road Islander. And now, readers can read The Ancient Ones for FREE! That’s right, for nothing. But only for a … Continue reading Great Lovecraft Horror for FREE!

Where the Missing Go – Kevin Holton

  Where the Missing Go Kevin Holton   There is a rule in my town: one day, you will go missing. You will never return. Those that go looking for you will suffer the same fate, whatever yours may have been. There’s a two-month grace period to make sure you haven’t simply gotten lost, or had an urgent visit to someone out of town, or … Continue reading Where the Missing Go – Kevin Holton

Tom’s Thumbs – K. M. Campbell

  TOM’S THUMBS – K. M. Campbell While the old couple slept Malakai the demon eyed them in the dark. They disgusted him and were perfect for his needs. 3000 years of servitude was over and he was free of this half-life. He was ready to return to the full world and no one was left to stop him. He had outlived all his hated … Continue reading Tom’s Thumbs – K. M. Campbell