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Great Lovecraft Horror for FREE!

Deadman’s Tome The Ancient Ones is a great tribute to the dark and disturbed mind behind the Cthulhu mythos. Readers will descend deeper into madness with each and every story. Some of the stories go as far as to emulate the prose of the tormented Road Islander. And now, readers can read The Ancient Ones for FREE! That’s right, for […]

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The Prince by Anddre Valdivia

I have undertaken a journey in search of glory and professional recognition but as I approach my final hours I must recount the hardships I have endured in this quest. I have to say that the sole purpose of these pages is to deter any man from pursuing an expedition such as the one I so naively embarked on. It […]

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When The Engineer Knocks by Mike Mitchell

  The room was cold and sterile, white from floor to ceiling, a small table and two chairs decorating the center, leaving taste and décor at the door. On the far side, a man sat, meek and unseeming. His arms and legs were shackled, his head hung low. Hair drooped across his face, concealing his eyes. Dr. Taryn Humbolt stood […]