Meat by Belinda Brady

“Are you okay?” I ask my roommate, Toni, as I enter our living room. “Yes, I’m fine. Why?” she responds from her seat on the couch, not looking up from the television.  “Well, I just heard you sneezing, and I just…”  She looks at me, her face expressionless. “I’m fine. It’s just the dust. I’ll vacuum later.” She looks back at the television.  “Sure. We … Continue reading Meat by Belinda Brady

Who is Made in DNA?

Made in DNA is an American short story and novella author and he has agreed to meet up with Mr. Deadman for an interview. Made in DNA is the author of BUKKAKE BRAWL, a futuristic novel about the gritty life of a sex brawler, along with titles like Space Spunk and Red Sky at Morning. We talk about Japan, sex fighting, feminist, SJW, and Godzilla … Continue reading Who is Made in DNA?

What is the Deadman’s Tome podcast?

The Deadman’s Tome podcast covers a wide range of topics such as Horror Monsters. The Deadman’s Tome podcast features exciting guests such as Jeremy Spencer, former drummer of Five Finger Death Punch. Why would a podcast with a focus of horror talk to a drummer or a rock band? Because Jeremy Spencer is into horror and is doing something pretty cool with LadyKillerTV. Sometimes, on … Continue reading What is the Deadman’s Tome podcast?

Would you eat a Cthulhu Cheese Burger?

Deadman’s Tome Deep Fried Horror is serving the juciest, beefiest burger you’ll ever find. The only catch is it might be served with a meat so exotic it’s criminal. But don’t mind that. Cthulhu Cheese Burger comes with four juicy patties, layers of melted cheese, and fresh baked buns. A very delicious combination of savory flavors, which is good. You’ll need something to distract from … Continue reading Would you eat a Cthulhu Cheese Burger?

LADY IN WHITE by Chris Ayers

McAllen, Texas On July 10th, 2016, I spotted something that changed my perception of the world. I don’t consider myself a religious man, nor did I care much about the paranormal, but the thing I saw, the lady in white, was something that defies the norm. I was driving down Bicentennial blvd with my cousin Greg in the car, heading to McAllen Museum. I pulled … Continue reading LADY IN WHITE by Chris Ayers

You Can’t Resist by Michael Flanagan

Just kill yourself, you fucking whore! The voice blasted in my head, reverberating against the skull. My hands pressed against my face, squeezing tight as if it could all be smothered away. My palms rubbed into my eyes, drying up the manic tears. My fingers ran through my hair, pulling like mad as if it would stop the voice! Take the blade and cut! The … Continue reading You Can’t Resist by Michael Flanagan

RETRIBUTION by Celeste Wilkinson

She hunched her shoulders, hating her imperfect body and praying that it would morph into the svelte, beautiful shape of the model selling the amazing weight loss product. She hated that model and herself, but mostly she hated her soon to be ex-husband. If this pill actually worked she imagined waltzing into the courtroom the day of her impending divorce and her husband lusting after … Continue reading RETRIBUTION by Celeste Wilkinson