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Nintendo Dominated E3

How hard is it to just how games at a video game conference? Apparently, EA and Microsoft missed the plot entirely and as a result gave Nintendo the perfect opportunity to just dominate, which they did.

Nintendo’s Direct showed a stream of constant game play with the occasional blurb of awkward Japanese to English moments, but those moments were made up for exciting announcements such as:

A sequel to Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild in development, Banjo-Kazooie as a character in Smash Ultimate, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing New-Horizons, and more.

I explain in this video

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The New York Time Smears Philip DeFranco


The New York Times insinuated that YouTube content creators like Philip DeFranco, Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, and Jewish political commentator Ben Shapiro as “far right” when the published Kevin Roose’s “The Making of a YouTube Radical”.

The NYT felt so confident with this story they published it on their front page for everyone to see. The article takes the story of ONE YouTube user that just so happened to watch people of a certain political persuasion as if there is a link between YouTube and ‘far right’ radicalization. Every time I hear this, I can’t help but to think back to the 90’s when people were trying to link Pokemon to Satanism or violence in games to violence in real life. While I could go far out into the woods to argue how flimsy those premises are, I actually don’t have to. Because Kevin Roose went out on the deep end  by claiming Philip DeFranco, a vanilla, middle of the road commentator, as “far right”, all I have to ask is does that make a lick of sense to you.

Does it?

No, of course not!

The NYT saw what happened between Vox and YouTube, and wanted to jump into the beat down. Vox pressured YouTube to change their policies when one of their “journalists” Carlos Maza cried foul after being made fun of on the internet. When you present yourself as someone that knows a lot and then makes a lot of dumb arguments, then people will call you out, and even make fun of you.

Long story short, YouTube first told Vox that they wouldn’t do anything to amend the journalist’s hurt feelings, but then changed their mind when Carlos Maza began signaling that YouTube hate LGBTQ to other blue check marks on Twitter. YouTube caved to the pressure and bend the knee.

The NYT saw this moment of weakness and published Kevin Roose’s story on the front page. I speculate that the NYT already had the story ready to go and was waiting for the right moment, but I do not have definite proof of that.

While I’m amazed at how far mainstream news outlets like the NYT are willing to push the narrative that YouTube is some how evil, I’m glad that they did. I believe that one can only push a lie so far until it has to crash against reality. I’m hoping that this lie, lumping Philip DeFranco in a news article that labeled him as ‘far right’, will be that moment.

I’m not aware of any legal filings as of yet, but from what I’ve read it looks like the NYT could face libel claims after publishing the front page story. Outlets like the NYT know they can generate a bunch of clicks if they enrage people, which means more money through ad revenue, but can they also handle a bunch of lawsuits on their plate?

What do you think about this?

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Do you enjoy watching a middle-aged man embarrass himself? What about when he drinks gross things and then tries to fight the urge to vomit?

WE present SHOT ROULETTE a game thought up by Mr. Deadman’s wife, so you know it’s going to be 100% vindictive. The game is simple. Mr Deadman willbe handed shots of random liquids. Some will be alcohol, some will be something other, and a few will be something no one should ever drink.

But the question I have for you is will YOU be there to watch? The show will air live on YouTube on June 15th at 9:30pm, but only for PATRONS. How do you become a patron? Head over to and pledge at least one dollar. That dollar might be the best decision you’ve made in a long time.



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Activist Hedge Fund Buys Barnes and Noble!

Barnes and Noble might’ve been just saved!

Barnes and Noble shares had fallen about 25% since last year and has lost over $1 billion dollars. to many of you, this may come as no surprise. Barnes and Noble is dealing with enormous pressure from Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles, at least judging from a stock comparison, just does not have the muscle to deal with it. But, I could be wrong.

Vulture capitalist Paul Singer of Elliot Management bought out Barnes and Noble for roughly $683 million. Mr Singer is described by Fortune Magazine as one of the “smartest and toughest money managers” and by The Independent as “a pioneer in the business of buying up sovereign bonds on the cheap, and then going after countries for unpaid debts.”

Mr. Singer is an activist investor that uses his equity to force certain changes in order to shape a company from a money-bleeding debt machine to something that can actually make a profit. What this means for the employees is anyone’s guess, but I think it’s safe to assume that many waves of changes are about to take place. Barnes and Noble had already put all or most of their full-time employees as part-time to try to cut costs, but that didn’t stop the bleeding.

With a reputation of using his equity for activism, Mr. Singer could radically shape Barnes and Noble and give the brand longevity it needs. Now, whether or not that investment can thrive in a world where Amazon is ramping up the competition is the question I want to end with.

Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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Jamie Marchi Hates YouTubers

If you’ve been following the Vic Mignogna situation, then you know exactly who Jamie Marchi is.

If you don’t, then you’re either unaware of the wrongful termination and character assination of Vic Mignogna, or the sort of person that gets a thrill just watching his assailants smear him.

I wish I could say regardless where you stand in the #weebwar saga whether #kickvic or #istandwithvic, one thing we should be able to agree on is that celebrating the ruin of others reveals much about the one celebrating. However, #kickvic started with the intent to ruin a beloved voice actor and then celebrate victory after a public smearing.

It really comes to no surprise that someone on the #kickvic side took time from her very busy day to celebrate the ruin of others. This time YouTubers that had nothing to do with her.

A certain self-identified gay Latino, Carlos Maza of Vox, had his feelings hurt when Steven Crowder called him a gay Latino. Because Carlos Maza is a thick skinned, he went crying to YouTube like a hurt child demanding an injustice be rectified. This uproar eventually led to YouTube rolling out new policies, which caused a lot of harmless YouTube creators to lose monetization.

What does this have to do with Jamie Marchi?

Nothing. At least, it shouldn’t. But she can’t help herself, but to join in on the YouTube hate campaign, but why?

Content of character.

Jamie Marchi didn’t have to retweet and jump on Vox hating on YouTube. She didn’t have to celebrate a call to action that would lead to YouTubers losing monetization over NOTHING. She didn’t have to do those things, but she did because SHE wanted to. She did because she enjoys watching others suffer.

Watch for yourself:

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SUB to Deadman’s Tome WIN FREE Shirt!

Writing, horror, and drunken debauchery. The bare essentials for any truly entertaining podcast, and Deadman’s Tome offers this trifecta in every episode. You’ll enjoy Deadman’s Tome, because it features established authors such as Ray Garton and Jeff Strand, creative minds such as Danger Slater and Mike Ennenbach, and interesting people such as Nick Rekieta and James the Lesser.

You might be thinking quality guests are nice, but what else does Deadman’s Tome podcast offer? Unlike most podcasts, we involve YOU the listener in every show. Much like Cheers, we create an atmosphere where everyone knows your name, where everyone is welcomed just as long as they’re ready to have a good time.

Need proof that we care about your involvement in the show?

Right now we’re giving out FREE Deadman’s Tome shirts to those that subscribe to the Deadman’s Tome Podcast. We have over 100 shirts to give out. All you have to do is subscribe to the podcast using the link below, screen shot it, and send the screen shot to’s-Tome-Podcast%7D-id1462946?country=us

Still confused?

  1. Subscribe to the Deadman’s Tome podcast using this link:’s-Tome-Podcast%7D-id1462946?country=us

2. Take a screenshot

3. Send screenshot to

4. You could win a free Deadman’s Tome shirt

We have over 100 shirts to hand out and offer ends in June 30th, 2019

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BAND-MAID rocks and Jake Paul Sucks

Mr. Deadman reacts to BAND-MAID bubble and then proceeds to roast Jake Paul for being the dingle berry that clings on to Logan Paul’s ass hair.

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Let’s Get Banned from YouTube!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a private show for the patrons, and I feel that the amount of time and the amount of love and support given by them deserves a completely unfiltered and uncensored live stream. We’re just now really growing on YouTube, but for the patrons I’m willing to put the channel on the line to bring the entertainment they deserve!

On November 17th at 9:30pm CST, Deadman’s Tome will go on the warpath on various trolls in the industry, Mr. Deadman will display his love an affection for Gary and Tony, followed by a sausage fest that will probably get a community guideline strike.

The link to watch the live show will be on the Patreon page.

In order to see this you have to be a patron. Go to and pledge a dollar and boom, you’re in.




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Wall Street Journal Stops $26k From Going to Charity

Who doesn’t enjoy a good shit show, right? I remember the days when we tuned into Jerry Springer for a good laugh. Sure, the laugh was at the expense of other people, but these people and their drama was an absolute dumpster fire.

I miss those days.

So, when Internet Blood Sports became a thing and various YouTubers with various levels of notoriety starting going at each other’s throats for entertianment, you bet your ass I tuned in. That’s how I discovered a little show called The Killstream, a very popular nightly stream that frequently trended at the top of the charts. The Killstream, hosted by Ethan Ralph and co-hosts Zidan and Gator, was as free speech absolutist as one can get on YouTube, and because of that they offered unfiltered conversations on interesting topics such as YouTube drama, current events, politics, and even geo politics.

No other show than the Killstream allows for open discussion on the current happenings in South Africa, where land owners are being forced to give up land because of government intervention. Callers from South Africa discussed the intense and violent situation with guest of various political ideologies.

No other show delves deep into YouTube scams like BetterHealth. While PewDiePie talked about the scam, it was on the Killstream that Boogie2988 spilled the beans about what was happening and his affiliation with Philip DeFranco.

No other show allows debates and discussions between the far left and the, dare I say it, the alt-right. It was on the Killstream that Carl Benjamin (A.K.A Sargon of Akkad), the leader of the failed Liberalist movement, debated against Richard Spensor.

Say what you will about their politics, no other show really digs into YouTube drama like the Killstream. Ethan Ralph, Zidan, and Gator are three versions of Jerry Springer, offering a good cop, bad cop routine with various lol cows such as Mundanematt and some pedo freak named Ross.

Because of this, the show become increasingly more popular. The success eventually lead to Ethan to do something charitable.

On September 29th, the Killstream hosted the Healstream, a live charity event where people could donate money through YouTube’s SuperChat for Good service and the money would go to charity.

The show had an amazing panel of guests such as Keemstar, Dick Masterson, and Mister Metokur. The show was wild and unfiltered, hosting a debate where some drunk argued about technicalities of the Holocaust, YouTube drama, and a drunk singing of Ram Ranch. Through all this, the Healstream raised $26,000 for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and was seen as a huge success.

But that success was short lived.

On November 1st, a journalist from the Wall Street Journal contacted Ethan inquiring about a story she’s working on about how YouTube Super Chats are being used be the alt-right. Ethan didn’t respond and was going to talk about the WSJ contact on the Killstream, but YouTube wasn’t going to have it.

On the same day, YouTube shut down the live stream and eventually deleted not just The Killstream, but the co-hosts channels as well. That’s right, on the same day the WSJ inquired, YouTube did a complete shutdown on everything related to The Killstream.

Coincidence? Oh, the coincidence goes deeper.

Not only did YouTube shutdown everything Killstream, people who donated during the Healstream noticed their donations were being refunded. St Jude claims they’ve decided to refund on their own, but the timing is just too perfect. Isn’t it?

On the same day WSJ contacts Ethan, YouTube shuts down the Killstream and all related channels and donations to St Jude get refunded. It’s like WSJ kick started the whole thing.

Now, as someone that frequently watchs the Killstream, I know the content can be raunchy and controversial, but the show does not advocate for violence. It’s a platform the hosts discussions you won’t find anywhere else. As someone that publishes horror, a genre that is loaded with murders, serial killers, rapists, cannibals, and far worse, none of the topics on the Killstream are anywhere more extreme than what one could find in a given Deadman’s Tome anthology. Would there be a problem if Deadman’s Tome donated to St Jude? So what’s the problem?

WSJ had a problem with the SuperChat system ever since YouTube unveiled it as an alternative for content creators. The way SuperChat works is people donate money with a comment attached. Think of it as someone offering a tip with a note or request attached. So, the audience donates money and because the performers are painted with certain brush their money is no good.

I find that to be complete bullshit.

WSJ painted the Killstream as alt right, because they’ve had controversial guests and it’s much easier to make the host guilty by association than it is to have nuance.

I’ve had many guests on the Deadman’s Tome podcast, one of which is a prisoner serving time for a crime he committed, but I’m not a murderer, am I a murderer apologist? It would be too easy and lazy to say yes.

The point is WSJ comes after the Killstream and in response YouTube shuts them down and St Jude refunded the money. 26k taken out of cancer research all because the WSJ had a bone to pick with the Killstream.


But you can’t abort the retort!

The Killstream is still around and doing well on an alternative platform called DLive where they learned that it’s not the platform that makes the streamer, it’s the streamer that makes the platform.