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BAND-MAID rocks and Jake Paul Sucks

Mr. Deadman reacts to BAND-MAID bubble and then proceeds to roast Jake Paul for being the dingle berry that clings on to Logan Paul’s ass hair.

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Let’s Get Banned from YouTube!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a private show for the patrons, and I feel that the amount of time and the amount of love and support given by them deserves a completely unfiltered and uncensored live stream. We’re just now really growing on YouTube, but for the patrons I’m willing to put the channel on the line to bring the entertainment they deserve!

On November 17th at 9:30pm CST, Deadman’s Tome will go on the warpath on various trolls in the industry, Mr. Deadman will display his love an affection for Gary and Tony, followed by a sausage fest that will probably get a community guideline strike.

The link to watch the live show will be on the Patreon page.

In order to see this you have to be a patron. Go to and pledge a dollar and boom, you’re in.




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Wall Street Journal Stops $26k From Going to Charity

Who doesn’t enjoy a good shit show, right? I remember the days when we tuned into Jerry Springer for a good laugh. Sure, the laugh was at the expense of other people, but these people and their drama was an absolute dumpster fire.

I miss those days.

So, when Internet Blood Sports became a thing and various YouTubers with various levels of notoriety starting going at each other’s throats for entertianment, you bet your ass I tuned in. That’s how I discovered a little show called The Killstream, a very popular nightly stream that frequently trended at the top of the charts. The Killstream, hosted by Ethan Ralph and co-hosts Zidan and Gator, was as free speech absolutist as one can get on YouTube, and because of that they offered unfiltered conversations on interesting topics such as YouTube drama, current events, politics, and even geo politics.

No other show than the Killstream allows for open discussion on the current happenings in South Africa, where land owners are being forced to give up land because of government intervention. Callers from South Africa discussed the intense and violent situation with guest of various political ideologies.

No other show delves deep into YouTube scams like BetterHealth. While PewDiePie talked about the scam, it was on the Killstream that Boogie2988 spilled the beans about what was happening and his affiliation with Philip DeFranco.

No other show allows debates and discussions between the far left and the, dare I say it, the alt-right. It was on the Killstream that Carl Benjamin (A.K.A Sargon of Akkad), the leader of the failed Liberalist movement, debated against Richard Spensor.

Say what you will about their politics, no other show really digs into YouTube drama like the Killstream. Ethan Ralph, Zidan, and Gator are three versions of Jerry Springer, offering a good cop, bad cop routine with various lol cows such as Mundanematt and some pedo freak named Ross.

Because of this, the show become increasingly more popular. The success eventually lead to Ethan to do something charitable.

On September 29th, the Killstream hosted the Healstream, a live charity event where people could donate money through YouTube’s SuperChat for Good service and the money would go to charity.

The show had an amazing panel of guests such as Keemstar, Dick Masterson, and Mister Metokur. The show was wild and unfiltered, hosting a debate where some drunk argued about technicalities of the Holocaust, YouTube drama, and a drunk singing of Ram Ranch. Through all this, the Healstream raised $26,000 for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and was seen as a huge success.

But that success was short lived.

On November 1st, a journalist from the Wall Street Journal contacted Ethan inquiring about a story she’s working on about how YouTube Super Chats are being used be the alt-right. Ethan didn’t respond and was going to talk about the WSJ contact on the Killstream, but YouTube wasn’t going to have it.

On the same day, YouTube shut down the live stream and eventually deleted not just The Killstream, but the co-hosts channels as well. That’s right, on the same day the WSJ inquired, YouTube did a complete shutdown on everything related to The Killstream.

Coincidence? Oh, the coincidence goes deeper.

Not only did YouTube shutdown everything Killstream, people who donated during the Healstream noticed their donations were being refunded. St Jude claims they’ve decided to refund on their own, but the timing is just too perfect. Isn’t it?

On the same day WSJ contacts Ethan, YouTube shuts down the Killstream and all related channels and donations to St Jude get refunded. It’s like WSJ kick started the whole thing.

Now, as someone that frequently watchs the Killstream, I know the content can be raunchy and controversial, but the show does not advocate for violence. It’s a platform the hosts discussions you won’t find anywhere else. As someone that publishes horror, a genre that is loaded with murders, serial killers, rapists, cannibals, and far worse, none of the topics on the Killstream are anywhere more extreme than what one could find in a given Deadman’s Tome anthology. Would there be a problem if Deadman’s Tome donated to St Jude? So what’s the problem?

WSJ had a problem with the SuperChat system ever since YouTube unveiled it as an alternative for content creators. The way SuperChat works is people donate money with a comment attached. Think of it as someone offering a tip with a note or request attached. So, the audience donates money and because the performers are painted with certain brush their money is no good.

I find that to be complete bullshit.

WSJ painted the Killstream as alt right, because they’ve had controversial guests and it’s much easier to make the host guilty by association than it is to have nuance.

I’ve had many guests on the Deadman’s Tome podcast, one of which is a prisoner serving time for a crime he committed, but I’m not a murderer, am I a murderer apologist? It would be too easy and lazy to say yes.

The point is WSJ comes after the Killstream and in response YouTube shuts them down and St Jude refunded the money. 26k taken out of cancer research all because the WSJ had a bone to pick with the Killstream.


But you can’t abort the retort!

The Killstream is still around and doing well on an alternative platform called DLive where they learned that it’s not the platform that makes the streamer, it’s the streamer that makes the platform.

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Deep Fried Horror Submission Call


You like horror? Well, Deadman’s Tome will be serving up some deep fried horror they’ll be coming back for more. But there’s a problem, we need cooks. We have an empty kitchen and the dinner is filling up with people.

We want good, schlock, campy horror with a touch of the bizarre. We’ll pay $10 token payment upon acceptance. The content will be served on the Deadman’s Tome patreon page at

This is a call for horror submissions: short stories and flash fiction of 2k-5k word length. Send to

Deadman’s Tome released a free to read ezine back in September and October and the response has been very positive. We’re talking over hundreds of reads, almost thousands of people reading the content. Why do I tell you this? So you know that your stories won’t be going to waste.


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Free to Read in Print

The free to read horror ezine is doing well. We’ve received positive feedback from plenty of readers, and as much as we love it, we wonder if there’s more we could do.

What if we made the free to read ezine into a paperback? Who doesn’t like free books? Imagine Amazon Unlimited but with physical books. Logistics and shipping prevent it from being free, but what if it’s as cheap as possible?

We’re talking cheaper than a value meal at McDonald’s cheap, cheaper than buy 2 get 2 Monster Energy Drink deal. We wish we could make it 99 cents, but shipping makes that an impossible deal. What if we made it $5?

Does that sound like a good deal?

Right now we have a limited number of copies of the September issue on hand. This issue features three gruesome short stories, two articles, and fan mail.

Yeah, you could read it for free by going to

But… if you like to hold what you’re reading in your hands then this is the best way to go.

Hurry and get your copy for $5

Send payment via PayPal and we’ll ship it out next day or as soon as possible.

Now, I hate to say this, but this deal is available for the US only. Shipping to Australia and the UK is too damn high!

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Drama Box

Drama Alert!

People send me their grievances about other people anyway, might as well make a thing of it. Don’t worry, I’ll protect peoples names. No names will be mentioned. The drama would be cross verified though.

Go to Drama Box to send your problem or grievance. It might be read on the Deadman’s Tome podcast, if it’s worth it.


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Would You Adopt Jason?

Old news, but in case you’re not aware. Friday the 13th, the entire franchise, is on pause while Manny Company (production company) and Victor Miller (writer of the original screenplay) battle it out in court. Jason Voorhees lost his mom and his two dads fight over custody for the child support and SSI money that would surely come from it.

I joked about this situation on the Deadman’s Tome podcast with Tim Murr and co-host Becky, and it lead to the question: would you adopt Jason Voorhees?

Of course, we would be talking about child Jason, not fully adult going to space Jason. Think about how you could be the one person to reach out to him. You could be like Edward James Olmos in Stand and Deliver, struggle to find how to reach this one kid, but when you do, you would be a hero.

Let me know in the comments if you would adopt Jason Voorhees and how you would handle it. I’ll share your comments on the podcast.

Here’s the episode where we talked about the Friday the 13th lawsuit

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DramaAlert! Author Lies, Lies, and Lies Some More


I think I only have myself to blame. After all, I did three podcasts on Nickolaus Pacione, one on Blake Leibel, and another on Will Bernardara. Calling a spade a spade, these episodes were loaded with goss and drama, but focused around specifics. Nickolaus Pacione is a deranged troll that wouldn’t stop stalking, so I had fun with him. Blake Leibel is a psycho that mutilated and killed his girlfriend, and Will B. is a dangerous individual that is probably trying to find ways to target certain people that put restraining orders against him.

I woke up on Saturday, hungover from the countless shots of Jim Beam Bonded, and had received a message from an author that will remain nameless. This author explained in a message that he’s sorry for not coming on the Deadman’s Tome podcast, but his phone was disconnected because his agent did not pay him, and that the agent advised him to not come on the show.

I rolled my eyes and was going to ignore it, but then there was a screenshot of the person he was talking about. Who was this person he claimed was his agent? Well, it is a co-host in training for the Deadman’s Tome podcast. I immediately asked her what the dealio was with this guy to find out that she’s not his agent, she never told him not to come on the show but advised against talking about Nickolaus Pacione as it might come off as petty, and that she paid this guy. Not only did she pay this guy, she paid $800! Mind you, I saw the screen shots of her PayPal account.

Sack of Lies

Lie Number 1: When I confront this author about this, he claimed that he wasn’t even talking about the co-host, yet she was the person in screen shot he sent, and the person that had sent him payments.

Lie Number 2: The author started off by blaming his “agent” of withholding funds, but she paid him. Not only that, but based on the screen shots the request for money and the payments sent are within the same and following month.

Lie Number 3: The author then claimed that his “agent” paid him but only $400. What is this, People’s Court? More than $800 was sent to him, and when approached about that his story changed to that she was late with payments. So why start off with a fucking lie? How am I supposed to believe you now? Am I supposed to take his word for it? The word of liar?

Lie 4: Phone Bill. Even if she was late, how the fuck is it her fault you didn’t pay your phone bill! Pay your damn phone bill!

Messy and Grimy

First off, he blamed his phone being cut off on an agent he doesn’t even have. Instead of taking responsibility and owning to why he can’t pay his bills, he had the nerve to blame someone else that isn’t even his agent, someone that actually did pay him.

Secondly, he pretends like I don’t know who he’s talking about. The person he claimed was his agent was Becky! He wants to pretend that I have no clue who he’s talking about and has to be slimy like a snake around the subject. He thinks he’s playing 4D chess when he’s actually playing checkers with a no king rule.

Third, why does he feel like I even care about this. I don’t. The only reason why I wrote this post is because I invested enough energy to warrant a response. If you can’t make it on the show, then just say you can’t make it. Don’t send me a sack of lies and act like I wouldn’t figure it out. Who the fuck do you think I am?

But it gets better

Now, I learned some things about what this payment was for and it’s very sad and a freaking scam. This author claimed he was a great poet and his “agent” requested his services. The author was hired to edit a book for .10 cents, an author that can’t even make a living off his own material. Let that sink in, an author that can’t even make a living off his own writing wants to edit the works of others. You wouldn’t hire a salesman that can’t sell a car to sell a car, so why would anyone hire an author that can’t produce a book that people want to assist in producing a book that people want?

Charging .10 cents to edit as a struggling writer isn’t bad enough, but he didn’t even edit but made suggestions and recommended books to read. Not even worth the $800, because unless this guy is some poet guru why would you trust what he has to say?

Even Becky agreed that the service wasn’t worth paying for, but the reason she sent the money was because of his financial hardships he would tell her about. I seen those conversations, too.

Closing thoughts

It’s very fucking grimy and low to make false claims about someone, especially when that someone actually did fulfill their end of the bargain. Maybe the fulfillment was later than expected, but that doesn’t give permission to present it as if it hadn’t been fulfilled! That’s just a blatant lie. To have the nerveĀ  to present that lie wrapped in other lies is just so pathetic. I wont name who this person is, but he knows I’m talking about him, and he needs to just think about what he does and how it makes him seem. One’s character is very important, and I know I joke and act like a fool on the Deadman’s Tome podcast, but that’s not business. That’s putting on a show.

Oh, and for those that don’t like I did this. Remember, I didn’t ask for this. He sent me that message and lied about someone behind their back. Where I come from, that’s not tolerated. People like that get made examples of.



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Dead Baby Shark

If you have kids, you know what baby shark is. If you don’t, consider yourself lucky.

Pink Fong created an instant hit with kids and, let’s face it, some parents, and like any company they intend to milk it for all its worth and FAST!

I say we put this baby shark down, him and his family of sharks. Trap them, murder them, slay them, and even eat them. Let’s have some fun with

Dead Baby Shark!

This is an emergency call for submissions in that we’re open now and will close mid September.

We want 4 to 6 stories for a short and grim kids book.

Send horror, dark, and comedic flash fiction and short stories to us ASAP!

Token payment of $15 and Royalty split 40/60 with 60% of net earnings divided among the authors.

Send now to