Who is Made in DNA?

Made in DNA is an American short story and novella author and he has agreed to meet up with Mr. Deadman for an interview. Made in DNA is the author of BUKKAKE BRAWL, a futuristic novel about the gritty life of a sex brawler, along with titles like Space Spunk and Red Sky at Morning. We talk about Japan, sex fighting, feminist, SJW, and Godzilla … Continue reading Who is Made in DNA?

What is the Deadman's Tome podcast?

The Deadman’s Tome podcast covers a wide range of topics such as Horror Monsters. The Deadman’s Tome podcast features exciting guests such as Jeremy Spencer, former drummer of Five Finger Death Punch. Why would a podcast with a focus of horror talk to a drummer or a rock band? Because Jeremy Spencer is into horror and is doing something pretty cool with LadyKillerTV. Sometimes, on … Continue reading What is the Deadman's Tome podcast?