Monster Fight

The Gorgon and Alucarda and Justine from the movie Alucarda face off in a brutal fight for supremacy. How is a legendary monster going to handle two young vampires at the same time? Will there be any trickery, or will it be an easy and decided victory for one side? Find out in this exciting episode of Monster Madness Listen to “Monster Madness Round 2 … Continue reading Monster Fight

Ava Louise – The Vapid Whore Behind #Coronachallenge

From snorting cinnamon to eating Tide pods, the youth today will do anything to become viral famous. So why should things be any different during the coronavirus outbreak? Ava Louise, an Instagram “influencer” that flaunts her very loose and liberated sexuality in a way that would make even Paris Hilton blush, once told Dr. Phil that she would do anything for fame. She wasn’t joking. … Continue reading Ava Louise – The Vapid Whore Behind #Coronachallenge

March Monster Madness – Nyah VS The Wasp Woman

Deadman’s Tome Monster Madness kicks off in March with a battle between the female monsters in horror. For our first monster face-off we have Nyah from the Devil Girl From Mars VS The Wasp Woman. Don’t let Nyah’s cheesy costume, and even cheesier movie fool you. While Nyah has a tendency to talk until the cows come home, she’s equipped with a ray gun that … Continue reading March Monster Madness – Nyah VS The Wasp Woman