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Give me a Makeover

Who is Mr. Deadman? What’s a good look for a classy, gutter brained guy that dwells in debauchery?

Use this image as in idea. I like the skull and cigar, but it’s in need of revamping. We are calling for an art contest.

I’m asking for artists to give Mr. Deadman a complete makeover.

Send artwork to

Selected pieces will get $75 and a DT shirt. It should go without saying that accepted work would be owned be Deadman’s Tome LLC.

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Dark Horrible Art Pays – Art Submissions

Deadman’s Tome only asks for the right to publish your submitted art work on the site. Artwork featured on the site will generate revenue based on the number of views, likes, and comments received for a year’s time x .05 cents (USD). Payments would be handled via PayPal.

I want to offer more, but I’m limited. However, if Deadman’s Tome receives 20 patrons on then I’ll double the rate.


Artwork may be selected for an anthology, and if that happens the artist would be entitled to 10% off of net revenue generated from the anthology it is featured in.

Submit artwork to