Led by Beasts by Clark Roberts

Clark Roberts isn’t shy about his love for Stephen King. In this book, Clark Roberts pays respect and gives admirtaion towards the legendary writer, citing him as a source of inspiration. Inspiration is putting it lightly. From the first story to the last, I could see the King (as well as a few other big names) influence in prose, subject matter, and story telling, as … Continue reading Led by Beasts by Clark Roberts

Real Horror Radio: Ezra McCandless

On March 22nd, 2018, Ezra McCandless showed up at the doorstep of Don Sipple, a Wisconsin dairy farmer. Bloodied, scratched, and covered in mud. 20 year-old Ezra stated that she was attacked by former boyfriend Alex Woodworth. Initially blaming her attacker, she would soon admit to carving the word BOY into her arm after stabbing woodworth 16 times on a desolate country road. Was the … Continue reading Real Horror Radio: Ezra McCandless

Monster Fight

The Gorgon and Alucarda and Justine from the movie Alucarda face off in a brutal fight for supremacy. How is a legendary monster going to handle two young vampires at the same time? Will there be any trickery, or will it be an easy and decided victory for one side? Find out in this exciting episode of Monster Madness Listen to “Monster Madness Round 2 … Continue reading Monster Fight