Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors III


9B06CB33-DDA7-4BC1-91EC-A660A24769DFBook of Horrors III contains dark fiction and chilling horror for those that can handle it. The short stories contained within this anthology are a blend of crime thriller, contemporary horror, and lovecraft inspired pieces. Beware, reading these stories might cause you to go mad and suffer from irrational behaviors.




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Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors II


This accursed ancient tome contains tales of sinister mutations, carnal perversions, harrowing afflictions, insatiable blood lust, and absolute terror. When unearthed from the ruins of the ancient city of R’lyeh, a bizarre and sinister fate fell upon the excavators. The laborers reported excruciating migraines, bleeding from various orifices, and suffered from demonic hallucinations. The foremen reported visions of hell on Earth and spoke of direct contact with demonic entities. Investigators tried to make contact with those afflicted to verify the claims, but with each attempt came a horrible fate. One poor soul went as far as to put a bullet in his head the moment a journalist began an interview. The journalist, after relaying the chilling episode, stabbed his own eyes out with his fingers. Another laborer was contacted for an interview, but halfway through he ate his own tongue. Afflicted with madness, the man bashed the reporter’s skull in with the digital recorder before authorities could respond.

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E40E3538-CDA2-43DF-87AF-EC6A6CA41EA6Featuring eight titillating tales, this anthology delivers a chilling blend of provocative horror. THE WOMAN IN RED opens with a lusting and blood thirsty couple hell bent to outshine Jack the Ripper. Take a bizarre road trip delivering body parts with a hot blonde with a twisted past in HEAD TRIP. DOSE goes through hookers and drugs faster than Charlie Sheen, explores the S&M scene, while delivering a haunting climax. SEX TOY plays with an odd, foreign and blasphemous sex curio that takes a couple’s love life to a whole new level. TOUCH ME, I’M SICK warns of a grave consequence no lustful adulterer would ever want to pay. THE VAMPIRE NYMPH wraps up the anthology with sizzling vampire sex served with a cold dish of irony. The anthology concludes with TURBO SLUT: EAT MORE PUSSY and EAT SHIT AND DIE – two ultra-violent, hyper-sexualized, and brutally offensive and unapologetic cyberpunk episodes of SexBots gone psycho!

Warning to the perverts (don’t feel ashamed), while the stories featured have adult themes and erotic moments, they’re not erotica. The stories will help you achieve HORRGASM, though!

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Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors I

014E21A2-56BB-4766-8A5B-69D3F441AD55Lost, but not forgotten. Discarded, but not abandoned. Rumor has it that somewhere deep in the dark abyss lies an ancient relic of wicked men, a product of madness. A tome of horrors so unimaginable, so unfathomable that a few lines was all it took for people to go mad. There are documented accounts of this book shattering families, tearing through the strongest of examples of love, causing mothers and fathers to devour their young. Somewhere, lost in the ocean of misinformation, exist reports of small towns cursed with mass hysteria, mass murderous delusions, consumed by either fire, cannibalistic orgies, or both. Every time, this ancient tome, the very book you are reading, was found beneath the rubble. Of course, this is only a copy, and only a fragment of the original tome. Any curse or dark spirit that haunted the original shouldn’t possess a mere replica. You should be safe, but if you begin to see shadows in the dark, smell burning from the walls, and hear voices outside your windows, then do not continue. You have been warned

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Deadman’s Tome Best of the Demonic

D47B2F0A-2A86-4170-9CBC-DCE8C698C757The Best of the Demonic compiles an assortment of editor picks as a way to celebrate our two years of publication. Loaded with ten gruesome, horrific tales that will pull you to the edge of your seat, this greatest hits anthology will deliver back-to-back a complimentary sample of what Deadman’s Tome is all about. Fans of our thriving ezine, you already know that this purchase will be totally worth it. Those passing by, you don’t need to hold on to your doubt. As a growing monthly electronic magazine, the quality of our releases has increased phenomenally, and this anthology is a sort of snapshot of what we become.
If you crave horror, if you enjoy a good chill running down your spine, then look no further. Deadman’s Tome delivers.



Deadman’s Tome Best of the Tome

DE87E30A-3791-4A29-84B1-9B5982EEA161Celebrating three years of publication is nice, but without friends and associates to share the moment with, the party would grow very boring, very fast. To that end, we reached out to everyone that has ever helped us in the past for their personal favorite picks and reasons why they enjoy this online magazine of the macabre.

Featuring fifteen tales designed to instill fear: Plain Old Wrong by K.S. Riggin, Solitary Man by M. R. Nelson, Inky Beast by M.J. Nichols, Armstice Day by D.D. Bell, and a lot more.



Deadman’s Tome Best of the Demonic (POETRY EDITION)

1531A11E-DE3A-4875-B0AC-D646891FCC9CThe Best of the Demonic: Poetry Edition is tailored with the same respectful touch we used with its counterpart. We gathered all of the poems out from the depths of our archives and scanned each and every one of them for a handpicked chosen. The fruits of our labor means for your guaranteed enjoyment. Every poem included in this anthology has earned its spot, and that means for a collection of quality poetry for your eyes to feast upon.

Reader beware, however, that even through the simple lines of poetry can madness be instilled.

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  1. I want to see you engage in Prison City Rules — no erotic content, no hold’s barred. You can’t even handle when someone tells the truth and provided the link where one can grab The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five. I gave you the truth you’re too scared to take it because you’re relying on a site that defamed me for years; a collective of cunts who mock the dead.

    1. Uh, have you even read the Tome. From general horror to political satire there’s not much that’s not allowed. You seem to be hung up on erotic content, which makes up like maybe 5% of the content. Not worried about your preference for no erotic content, especially when there’s something for everyone on this site and through the publication.

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