Deadman’s Tome is a publisher dedicated to delivering horror and dark fiction to a growing and dedicated fan base. We’ve released quality horror anthologies such as The Ancient Ones, Monsters Exist and Cthulhu Christmas Special, all of which are available on Amazon where they’ve received positive reviews. Our fans consist of adults that enjoy reading, writing, horror films, and comic books. In 2017, Deadman’s Tome sold over 2500 books and had over 50,000 pages read on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.

Advertise in the bi-monthly publication called Deep Fried Horror: The September 2018 issue had over 500 reads, and the October 2018 issue already has over 1K reads. While we can’t guarantee readers will buy what you advertise, it will be seen by many.

We offer one option to make things very, very simple. Full page. Color dependent on the device that the magazine is being read on. Advertisement for only $10!

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