Deadman Horror Show

Are you that weirdo that gravitates towards everything macabre and disturbing? Is an idea of a good time staying up late watching horror movies while engaging in your vice of choice? Then The Deadman Horror Show is for you.

Some might remember Deadman’s Tome Podcast, which was a show where horror authors and horror fiends would come on to talk about who they are, what they do, and their passion for horror. If you do, Deadman Horror Show will take the horror and weird element of the show and crank it to eleven. With the Deadman’s Tome Podcast covering cryptic TV symbols, sexual encounter with ghosts, and cannibalism, this would prove to be a difficult task, right?


Mr. Deadman’s mind might be a bit more fucked than others.

The first episode of Deadman Horror Show talked about real life accounts where people lived with the dead.

The second episode explored the minds of pretty little psychos like Michelle Carter, Inyoung you, and Isabella Janke (Chris Chan).

And that is just the beginning. Episode sixteen explored the World Corp Enterprises rabbit hole.

The demented show streams live every Friday at 9:30PM CST.

The Deadman’s Tome Podcast had guests, and so far The Deadman Horror Show had only a couple of guests with one being Modern Medusa when covering the Gabby Petito murder.

More guests could make an appearance every now and then.

If you like this show and want to support it, then feel free to. You can support it by becoming a patron, and by becoming a patron you’ll be recognized during the live show.


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