Killing Fields Truth About Krissy Manor

What do you know of the Texas Killing Fields? I bet you don’t know about Krissy Manor. You probably don’t know about the other missing girls that were never found.

The Texas Killing Fields is a 25-acre patch of land in League City, Texas situated a mile from Interstate Highway 45.

Since the early 1970s, over 30 bodies of murder victims have been found within the Killing Fields area. They were mainly the bodies of girls or young women. Furthermore, many young girls have disappeared from this area; the girls’ bodies are still missing. Among the many missing girls was an old friend of mine during high school, Krissy. It was so long ago, but I remember the details clearly. Krissy had spent the night with a friend named Vivian. I did not know much about Vivian, other than that she was fairly new to school, and that she lived with foster parents. Her foster dad was an officer for Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

It is believed that many of the murders are the work of multiple serial killers. Most of the victims were aged 12–25 years, Krissy was 15 years old when she disappeared. Some shared similar physical features, such as similar hairstyles. Almost as it the killer or team of killers were picky about their targets. Despite efforts by the League City, Texas police, along with the assistance of the FBI, very few of these murders have been solved, and those that have been solved were predicated on confessions given by prisoners, or confessions given under duress from the police. However, the details surrounding Krissy’s disappearance remains a mystery.

Krissy Manor last seen: 09/10/1983

Krissy spent the night at Vivian’s house, and she was never seen again. She disappeared without a trace. Vivian’s foster dad told police that Vivian and Krissy had gone to the mall in the afternoon, but Vivian returned home by police escort while Krissy was gone. Vivian claimed that Krissy had went to use the restroom near the food court. Vivian stated that she had went into the restroom with her, as they normally do. Vivian then stated that Krissy stepped into the last stall, as it was the only one that was in operation, and she closed the door to never be seen again. Vivian denied hearing a noise or of any distress coming from the stall. It was normal for Vivian to walk around school with ear phones blaring in her ear, so it is possible that the air-headed, foster child didn’t hear as Krissy screamed for help.


League City police have yet to find Krissy’s body, and I doubt they’re still looking. I suspect that Krissy is somewhere buried in the Killing Fields, but my reasoning wasn’t enough for the police to do anything. Frustrated by the lack of progress during the police investigation, I did my own snooping. I went alone to the killing fields and found her name written on a piece of paper. I swear on my life that I found it there in the killing fields, but the police did not believe me. League City police questioned me about it, but after hours of talk and repeating myself, they dismissed my evidence. I suspect Vivian’s foster dad had something to do with how League City police talked to me that night. Vivian’s foster dad had already spoken with the League City police, and he was no longer treated as a suspect.

Vivian returned to school, but she stayed to herself. She refused to speak to anyone, and isolated herself with her weird metal music. She had started drinking, and it go so bad to where she would drink at school. I did not keep up with her during this. I had tried, but it I couldn’t bring myself to witness her self-destruct. The teachers and school admin did nothing to help her, and because of who her dad was she never faced any real consequence. That was, until she ran away from home for the last time…

Krissy’s parents were not much help. Krissy’s father was an alcoholic that drank himself to death after hearing about his daughter’s disappearance. Krissy’s mother moved to the next town to marry someone that could enabler her very expensive lifestyle.

Krissy disappeared, but neither her parents or the police really give a shit. The only one that does is me, but I’m holding on to a distant memory, a memory that distracts me from what I currently have. Over the years, I’ve grown, went to a trade school, found a good job, a good woman, and started a family. I don’t need the ghost of my ex to linger in my mind anymore, and will set it free with this blog post.

Chad Heller

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