It’s Been Fun, but It’s Over Now

Ladies and Gentlemen, there comes a point in every man’s life when change must occur. While I loved doing Deadman’s Tome, and met some very cool and interesting people through it, I just do not devote any time to it anymore.

I thought about it, and it is clear to me that I’ve lost the passion for it.

Deadman’s Tome is over.

I will feature the previous issues and then slowly terminate them as the contracts have long since expired.

Nostalgia can be delicious 

What am I doing now?

I’ve been streaming a night tabloid show that covers various internet famous people. The show is called GUNTWAVE.

I also stream a Joe Rogan inspired show where I talk with guests about who they are and what they do called Rant and Chill.

The Deadman’s Horror Show may be a seasonal thing (October) if Rant and Chill doesn’t just take its place.

I thank everyone for their help and companionship. It was a good ride, while it lasted.

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