Take the Next Turn by Trev Hill

“Take the next turn”

“Gonna find us some horny bitches there!” Bobby nudged Colin, gunning the car towards town. “So, you know where this party is?”

Colin shook his head, “Not exactly but close enough, it’s across town in the ‘burbs. Can’t be too hard to find.”

Bobby smirked, “Last time you said that we got lost! I think I’m gonna trust modern technology,” he said, switching on the GPS.

“Dude! I know how to get there! But if you’re gonna be an asshole about it, go ahead!” Colin protested.

“I ain’t takin’ no chances. I wanna get laid tonight and the earlier we get there, the better the choice! Now where we going, Mr Computer?”

The system activated and replied, “Go straight on for 5 five miles.” Bobby snorted at the voice.

“’Gau streyt orn for fayve maylz!’ he mimicked, “Sounds like some kind of English professor, I ain’t gonna be in the mood by the time we get there,” he joked. Colin grinned back.

“You know you can change the voices, don’tch,?” he asked, leaning over, “You can change it to a girl. How about this?”

“Carry straight on for two miles,” crooned the GPS. The boys looked at each other before bursting out in horny laughs of glee. It spoke with a sultry, kind of Eastern-European sounding voice. 

“Dude, I just got a boner from a computer,” Bobby shrieked. Colin guffawed in agreement.

“Hey, another ten miles of this and I’m gonna end up porking the dashboard!”

“That’d make my night!”

“What, seeing my pork-sword in the dashboard?”

“No, dude, if there was someone like this at the party. James Bond, Russian spy type!”

“I’d make her feel she was sitting on an ejector seat!”

“Dude, you’d probably eject in your shorts first!”

“At the next junction, turn left,” the GPS crooned. 

“But we ain’t done those four miles yet,” Bobby barked in surprise.

“Maybe it found a quicker way.”

“Yeah, or maybe it’s seen a hold-up and it’s taking us on another route.”

They turned off at the junction, surprised to find that they were avoiding the city centre. Still, if the system had spotted a hold up, it seemed to have chosen a good alternative route. They cruised along, with the radio on down low, so that they could hear that voice when it called to them.

“Take the next road left!”

“Wooah! What’s it doing?”

“Ah, maybe it’s gonna get us to skirt through the burbs, less red lights.”

“True,” Bobby agreed, reaching into his shirt pocket, “And less cops too,” he smiled, pulling out a joint. “May as well get a head start before the party, huh,” he asked. Colin nodded in approval as the joint was lit and passed between them.

“At the next junction turn left,” crooned the GPS once more.

“Shit,” cursed Bobby, “where the fuck is it taking us?” 

“Go straight on for four miles.”

“Four miles? But that takes us right outta the town limits.”

“Maybe we got the address wrong, maybe it’s one of those big campfire places, you know?”

“Well if it takes us any further than that, I’m turning around, boner or not!” Bobby threatened.

The lights of the town faded behind them, and the road turned black. Headlights lit up the approaching forest.

“Shit, I bet it stops working in the forest and we get lost!” 

Colin smirked. “Well, you’re the one who wanted to use the GPS, Mr Modern Technology,” he taunted. Bobby ignored the jibe.

“Worst comes to worst, we can play her voice and jerk off!”

“I’ve been doing that anyway!” Colin joked, “Hey, looks like a turning.”

“At the junction, turn left. Your destination will be in five hundred yards.”

“Fuck, dude, it’s taking us off the road.” Bobby said, turning down the dirt track. Suddenly they saw another set of headlights. They pulled into a clearing and stopped. There were three cars in a half-circle, their lights on high beam and half a dozen girls like the boys had only seen in wet-dreams were dancing together, close, hugging each other. The joint dropped out of Bobby’s gaping mouth.

A redhead and a black-haired girl sashayed over. The first girl bent down by Bobby’s window, her dark, black eyes shone as her scarlet lips purred,

“Hi boys, you looking for us? The party’s already started!” 

Her voice was like the one on the GPS. 

The boys sat in shock for a second, before Bobby nodded, “Oh yeah, sugar britches, we’re here for you!” The girls cocked an eyebrow teasingly, before twitching their hips. 

“Let’s dance then!”

The dark-haired beauty led Bobby across the lit space and began dancing, hugging, grinding. Colin went to follow, but the red-head stopped him.

“Maybe we’ll  do a bit of lap dancing,” she winked, her accent even hotter than her friend’s. Dumbstruck, Colin nodded as she lifted her skirt and straddled him.

Feeling his rising excitement, Bobby pressed against the girl as they ground together. She smiled, “Seems you have a friend in there, maybe we  should let him out?” Before he could respond, she had pushed him against one of the cars and was squatting down in front of him. Not believing his luck, he closed his eyes as he felt her freeing the beast. He pictured her lips getting closer, closing around it and…

His eyes snapped open as he screamed and looked down at her grinning face, bathed in the blood which spurted from his groin. He heard the lustful shrieks of the other girls as they climbed over the car, seizing his arms and head, biting deeply. As a clawed hand pulled his head backwards to bare his neck, he caught a glimpse of the throatless corpses in the other cars and the red-head greedily feeding on Colin.

As the satiated females licked each other clean, the dark-haired beauty leaned into Bobby’s car and crooned into the GPS, “Turn left at the next junction!” She flashed a bloody grin at her sisters, “You see, I told you we could trust in modern technology!”

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