You’ve Never Had Chocolate This Good!

Don’t blame me for spitting facts. It is what it is. You’ve never had chocolate as good as the sweets in The Journal of Cinnamon Paige, Un-Death by Chocolate by Ryan Woods. Have you ever bitten into chocolate so good that you’ll literally come back from the dead for more? No. I didn’t think so.

Born on Halloween night, during the Mother of all thunderstorms, Cinnamon Paige fittingly came into this world with a bang.

Fast forward almost thirteen years, and that quirky, somewhat misunderstood pre-teen, with a taste for horror movies, graphic novels and heavy metal, awaits the arrival of her thirteenth Birthday, never in her wildest dreams realising that she will be sharing her special day with a bunch of zombies; literally.

At Cocoa Loco, the confectionery shop owned and ran by Cinnamon’s parents, business is good, but due to a Voodoo curse, Black Magic and milk chocolate are to collide in a roller coaster ride of events that will see Cinnamon, her parents, their faithful Siberian Husky – Duke, and her friends Robbie and Todd, along with former Scream Queen – Stella Scream, fighting for their very lives.

Luckily, Cinnamon isn’t your average teenager. With a head for remembering information (albeit sometimes useless), and a love of high powered crossbows, a showdown between the living and Un-Dead residents of Summer Meadows is in the offing.

Will the living triumph over the Un-Dead?

Find out, as you read through the pages of Cinnamon’s journal, and come face to face with Un-Death by Chocolate.

Get Un-Death by Chocolate for you Kindle or grab a paperback copy. It’s the right thing to do. Resisting that sweet tooth will only lead to regret.

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