The Dick Show ULTRA

Set aside the horror and creepypasta for something comedic, and a bit personal (at least for me). Ever heard of this show called The Dick Show. A show where everything is a contest with people ranting about what makes them ‘a-rage’. Simple concept and successful show, but success has turned sour by the host. You see, the host of the show is Dick Masterson, an alpha male personification that spews chauvinistic opinions, and lately he’s been exposed as a complete fraud. Dick Masterson is no alpha male. Dick Masterson is only pretending, but it gets worse. Dick Masterson is a pedophile defender, a pedo apologist to the point to where I think he might actually have a sick fetish for children.

Dick Masterson defends loli (animated porn with characters that drawn to look like little girls), defends Netflix Cuties, and has openly admitted pedophiles around him. This is sick!

I’m sick and tired of these Pedophile defenders. Let’s rant about something real.

Listen to the podcast here:

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